Napolitano Creates Soviet Style "Citizen Spy on Citizen" Program - "If You See Something, Say Something"

The Obama administration is getting more and more sinister. Homeland Security Secretary (And Fast & Furious Felon) Janet Napolitano has released more information about the "If you see something, say something" program designed to create a Soviet style system where one citizen is asked to spy on another. In the meantime Napolitano continues to leave our dangerous southern border wide open.

What is wrong with this administration? First they engage in criminal acts by selling guns to drug dealers. They leave our unsecured borders wide open for any terrorist or criminal to walk across at will (northern and southern borders). Obama's campaign recently set up "Attack Watch" to get people to turn in people saying bad things about Obama (I am sure this story will be reported). And now, one of our most powerful law enforcement agencies, DHS, is asking citizens to spy on one another.

DHS Propoganda Film - See Something, Say Something...

Ms. Napolitano, I see something that should be reported. That is YOUR criminal behavior in Operation Fast & Furious. Please make sure this is completely investigated and all federal officials involved are properly prosecuted. Go ahead and throw your buddy Attorney General Eric Holder under the bus while you are at it.

This whole story reminds me of a joke I heard Ronald Reagan tell at a speech in Houston right after his term as President ended. The joke was told to him by Soviet Union President Gorbachev.

"Two of our Soviet Guards stood guard in Red Square by Lenin's Tomb.  There was a midnight curfew and it was just a few minutes before midnight.  The guards noticed someone walking across the square and one of them yelled, 'Halt, it is almost curfew!'.  The second guard raised his rifle and shot the man down."

"The first guard exclaimed, 'Man, what are you doing? It isn't midnight yet!'  The second guard who shot the man down said, 'Not to worry, he was my neighbor and there is no way he could have made it home in time..."

Is that what we are coming to in our country? Citizens being asked to spy on each other. While carrying out her own criminal actions, Napolitano wants you to resort to Soviet and Nazi style citizen spying programs.

Now this program is coming to Houston. Today, socialist, liberal Mayor Annise Parker met with the felon Janet Napolitano and the ever popular and intellectual CongressWOMAN Sheila Jackson Lee to announce Isn't that special?

Now Houstonians can start keeping an eye on each other and report those suspicious people wearing "Tea Party Shirts", OH MY!  Or people who have Fernando Herrera for Mayor bumper stickers!  Or how about, "I heard someone listening to Michael Berry on the radio today, they must be a terrorist!"

Authorities are asking Houston residents to use a new hotline, 855-I-WATCH4 (855-492-8244), to report suspicious activities. Yes, you too can become a Houston SS agent!

Where is the ACLU on this? Who is watching the watchers? Who is making certain this program does not become something like Nixon's "Official Enemies List"?

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