US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry - One Year Later - Still No Answers to Fast and Furious Scandal

One year ago today, I wrote my first story about the murder of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Brian was killed in a shootout by Mexican bandits who prowl this region of Arizona to rob drug smugglers and human traffickers. The loss of Brian Terry was, at that time, the latest in a string of casualties of people who risk their lives to protect our borders.  Little did we know the scandal of Fast and Furious that was about to unfold about one of the weapons that was used in the shootout that claimed the life of this brave warrior.

It took nearly three months of reporting on this story before the national media would pay attention to it and realize that the circumstances surrounding this murder were of epic proportions.  Senator Charles Grassley was among the first to realize this and began an investigation which is still on-going today.  

Finally in March, the national media began to pay attention.  CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson broke the story on a national stage and the American people became more exposed to the scandal our government was involved in.

Next week I will interview US Congressman Ted Poe about his involvement in the House Judiciary Committees hearing last week where Attorney General Eric Holder appeared and answered some, but not all, questions about his involvement in this story. Congressman Poe will have some very direct comments on this matter.

For now, I ask that you pray for the family of Brian Terry.  This year has been one of torment and turbulence.  They mourn the loss of their son, brother and uncle.  Beyond that, they must also come to terms with an American government that has betrayed them. I cannot imagine the hurt and anger they must feel and can only hope that the comfort of our prayers will help them find peace.

Family, friends and fellow Border Patrol Agents mourn the loss of Agent Brian Terry

Brian Terry was a hero.  He was a great public servant.  He was a man of character who was loved by many and is now remembered by even more.  He was an American Patriot whose death must not go in vain. We must find the truth behind all of the circumstances of his death and the guilty must be punished.

Thank you Brian Terry...


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