Bloodbath Leading to Obama’s Re-election?

Republican Candidates are Turning out to be Obama’s best asset!

This presidential campaign is the most disappointing since McCain became the GOP nominee in 2008.

Hardcore conservatives do not have an acceptable candidate in the race, but reality dictates that we will have to vote against Obama by voting for the nominee, like it or not! For the grassroots newcomers, this will not be an easy thing to do. In this world we must stave off inevitable destruction of our liberty so long as we can. I prefer to take the slow road to destruction if we cannot be victorious in reversing the direction we are headed.

There is more at stake than just having a Marxist in the White House. Any vacancy or vacancies on the Supreme Court would be filled with nominees in Obama’s image and the court would be lost for decades to come. More leftist, activist judges would be appointed with a loss of individual and property rights and the incorporation of International law and Sharia law into court decisions.

If Ron Paul or Donald Trump are egotistical enough to run as a Third Party candidate, that will ensure Obama’s re-election. The constant ebb and flow of front-runners is indicative of the electorate not being enthusiastic about any of them. The strongest conservative in the race, Michele Bachmann, had to bow out due to lack of support. All of the others have backgrounds, voting records, philosophical or personality flaws that are negatives in their campaign.

To me, as a conservative Christian, Romney’s Mormonism is not the big problem. Romney’s flip-flops in campaigns in order to win votes relegates him to an opportunist and an establishment choice. His scathing attacks on Newt Gingrich and Newt’s scathing attacks on Romney will be used against the winner in the general election if either of them should win the nomination. Romney’s persona as a wealthy elitist will likely turn the average voter off, even though Obama is trying to control every aspect of their lives. Newt, a really smart, articulate candidate will be viewed as yesteryear’s insider with a lot of baggage.

By the time the Texas Primary rolls around, the die will be cast. As distasteful as it may be, we need to suck it up and work to defeat Obama. This makes the election of the House and Senate even more important than ever. America needs a veto-proof Congress. No matter who should win, if the makeup of the Senate and a House majority is not achieved, we can kiss Liberty goodbye. We should pray for divine intervention to remove Obama from office! May God see fit to bless America once again.


God did bless America.  Obama is a blessing.  You will never understand because you lack the willingness to see.

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