"Mexican Cliques in Construction" - Corruption in Construction Leads to Increased Cost, Racism and Discrimination

Mexican Cliques in Construction, a book by thirty-year Hispanic carpenter Ricardo Charles, details a story of racism, fraud, discrimination and organized crime that is apparently running rampant in the construction industry of Texas. Mr. Charles' story first came to my attention in a report from Houston's Fox 26 where I learned briefly about his allegations of corruption.

Reporter Greg Groogan asked Charles if black construction workers were welcome on construction sites in Texas. Charles said, "Oh no, blacks, they are out of the question. Blacks are out of the question. Nobody wants a black person in there." Charles, a US Army Veteran, was speaking about what the "cliques" would say about blacks in the workforce. He said the same thing applies to whites.

Fox 26 News Story:

I next heard more in-depth information on this story on KTRH's Michael Berry Show and became intrigued by how rampant and destructive the construction, as being alleged by Charles, appeared to be. Charles discussed bribery, kickbacks and outright fraud being perpetrated by these "cliques" and the complicity of contracting companies and construction companies. 

As part of my continuing series on employee misclassification, I decided to meet with Mr. Charles and find out what his story is really all about.  What I found was a very credible man who is deeply concerned about an industry he loves, construction, and what is being done to destroy that industry in the name of greed and racism.

I asked Mr. Charles how this situation developed. He told me, "Corruption has been going on inside the plants for many years, but today's workforce comes with a culture of bribes. The Mexican culture of bribery makes it hard for ordinary citizens to be part of the workforce. However, these cliques help the employers by controlling the job sites by driving out 'unwanted' new workers. Anybody who disagrees with an unlawful act gets terminated."

"The traditional way of hiring through human resources has changed. Corrupt supervisors and managers inside do the hiring and firing giving preference to relatives and friends who, on occasion, pay to obtain the job. The employee of choice is the one who can be manipulated and does not report criminal acts. Eventually these type of workers join the existing group adding more crime into the system." Charles continued.

Over the next several weeks I will bring you a series of video interviews with Mr. Charles.  We will talk about several key aspects of this story and dive deep into details. These details will include names where possible of the companies and individuals participating in these schemes.  

We will delve deep into this topic and talk about why this is happening and who is not doing anything to stop it.  We will also bring more interviews from other people who are experiencing these conditions and situations.

Mr. Charles spent several thousand dollars of his own money to publish his book. Consider helping this whistleblower continue his work by purchasing a copy so you can completely understand what is happening here.  The book is available in both English and Spanish.

 "Mexican Cliques in Construction"


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