Texans Have a Voice in 2012 Presidential Primary at State-Wide “Saddle Up” Straw Poll in Houston Jan 12 – 14

Update: Andrew Breitbart just announced that he will be at this Straw Poll (see full list of speakers below)

I feel that the Republican National Committee (RNC) has really gone wrong in allowing 4 states to go ahead of the rest of the states in the Republican Presidential Primary. Who says those 4 states represent America? Why do their decisions get to propel a candidate into the front of the race? Why should Texas, which has the second most presidential delegates, have no say in the Presidential Primary?

Now that the activist federal judges in San Antonio have pushed back our Presidential Primary election even more, Texas might not have much of a say about who the Republican Presidential Candidate will be. One of the judges is even the brother in law of a liberal Democrat Texas State Senator.

Thankfully, there is some hope. A group has organized a state-wide Presidential Straw Poll. It is called the “Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll” and it will be at Minute Maid Park in Houston, TX on January 12th – 14th, 2012.

There will be on-site polling taking place Saturday, January 14, for President, U.S. House and Senate and Texas House and Senate seats. There will also be the opportunity to vote in the poll remotely via phone.

There is an excellent line up of speakers and the event will also be hosting some excellent grassroots training during the event.

This is not a fundraiser for any group. In fact, they are donating a large portion of any profits to three Texas Veteran’s organizations - Texas Wounded Warrior, Lone Survivor Foundation and a VFW museum in Katy, Texas.

Giving conservatives in Texas a voice in the Presidential Primary is the sole focus of this event.

This event might not be anything close to the Iowa Caucus, but it should garner some decent media attention this year and it is a great start. It will surely get bigger and better and become a greater opportunity for Texans to have their voice heard via a large, legitimate poll. As it is now, the Republican Presidential Candidate is usually already chosen by the time it gets time for Texas to vote.

Go here for more info: www.Saddleuptexaspoll.com

Below is the latest Press Release about the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll:

Historic State-Wide Texas Straw Poll Draws Conservative Elite to Saddle Up in Houston January 12 – 14 at Minute Maid Park©

Conservative everyday Texans join together to empower citizens of the state with a three-day grassroots celebration.

Keynote speaker Herman Cain headlines an expanding cast of conservative luminaries, media personalities and congressional candidates participating in the inaugural Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll event.

Houston: The original mission for the devoted group of everyday volunteer Texans planning the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll was to offer the voters of our state a more profound voice in the presidential primary process. Texas voters have been historically ignored despite the fact that Texas sends the second largest delegation to the Electoral College and possesses the second largest population in the United States.

The ambitious gathering will offer attendees the opportunity to listen to and speak directly with Federal and State candidates prior to the actual straw poll balloting scheduled from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm on Saturday January 14. Those results will be tabulated and publicly announced that evening prior to the close of the event. The first of its kind state-wide poll will also allow Texas voters to cast their vote(s) remotely via phone and via paper ballot at the event.

Polling isn’t the only activity on tap during this groundbreaking affair. The event will kick off with a social mixer Thursday evening at the Club Level at Minute Maid Park. Friday morning, you will hear from conservative speakers and U.S. Senate candidates, in the early afternoon you will be inspired by a very special Veteran’s Tribute led by Ted Poe. In the evening, there will be a concert featuring entertainment from Houston native Kevin Black along with Karl Brunig, the singer/songwriter who crafted the official “Saddle Up Texas” theme song. The concert will be interspersed with conservative speakers such as Dick Armey of FreedomWorks. And throughout the three-day event, a selection of educational breakout sessions, social and networking activities are also being planned.

Attendees will have the chance to hear David Dewhurst, Ted Cruz, Glenn Addision, Tom Leppert, Lela Mae Pittenger, and Doc Joe Agris, candidates running for the United States Senate. A number of current members of the US Congress and the Texas Senate and House have also confirmed their participation. Local conservative radio talk show hosts Michael Berry, Sam Malone, Dan Patrick, Chris Baker and Matt Patrick have all signed on to emcee the event. KSEV’s Sam Malone and Jon-David Wells, host of the Wells Report on Dallas station KSKY 660, will be broadcasting live from the event on Friday.

The three-day celebration is being choreographed to offer something for everyone who attends. The planners hope their guests will be motivated and inspired by the lineup of speakers, educational opportunities and especially by participating in the state-wide straw poll itself. The organizers of the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll want this gathering to serve as a forum where fellow Texans can become invested and engaged in their country’s election process.

The Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll organization is a registered 527 non-profit corporation. It consists of an extensive coalition of motivated volunteer organizers. Our volunteers devote their time, effort and resources in order to bring this event to fruition. The organization wants to champion Texas’ family oriented culture and hospitality and demonstrate Texas’ influence to a national audience. Texas has the second largest population in the United State and sends the second largest number of votes to the Electoral College. Our mission is to effect positive influence on the Presidential Primary through the collective voices of the concerned citizens of Texas who participate in the organization’s upcoming state wide straw poll event.

Below is the full list of Speakers that will be at the event. More are added daily.

Herman Cain
Dick Armey, FreedomWorks
Matt Kibbe, FreedomWorks
David Dewhurst, Candidate for U.S. Senate
Ted Cruz, Candidate for U.S. Senate
Lela Mae Pittenger, Candidate for U.S. Senate
Tom Leppert, Candidate for U.S. Senate
Glenn Addison, Candidate for U.S. Senate
Doc Joe Agris, Candidate for U.S. Senate
Kevin Brady, US House Rep
Ted Poe, US House Rep
Louie Gohmert, US House Rep
Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator
David Simpson, Texas State House
Tito Munoz, Founder of the Conservative Hispanic Coalition PAC and Columbian immigrant
Karen DeSimone, Founder of Truth for American Teens and guest on Glenn Beck and Sam Malone
KrisAnne Hall, Disabled Veteran and Conservative Speaker
Several radio personalities will be emceeing segments of the presentations as well as airing live from Minute Maid Park:
Michael Berry, Chris Baker, Matt Patrick, Sam Malone, Jon-David Wells out of Dallas and Natalie Arceneaux of The Civil Right.
Freedom Works and Texas Puentes will be among groups presenting training and breakout sessions, and Houston Tea Party
Society will be bringing back Convention 101 to get everyone ready for the 2012 Convention Season

Media Contacts:
Felicia Cravens
Nancy Dunham


I have been trying to make sense of the various methods states use to select their delegates for the party's presidential convention.   I know that Texas used to do a combination of primary and caucus, but I can't find anything about that for 2012.  Has Texas gone to just a primary this time around?

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