Nominate a grassroots blogger for CPAC Blogger of the Year!

Do we want a big name blogger – one who is nearly a member of the traditional media – named to the CPAC Blogger of the Year? Or do we want a grassroots, self-taught blogger like you and me to represent us?

I know many of the bloggers who will most likely be nominated and would be proud to call them friends, but Sonja Harris better represents me and most of the Pajamas crowd.

So read the blog, nominate Red Sonja!


CPAC 2012 Blogger of the Year Award
Please submit nominations by COB on Wednesday, February 8

Your Name: ____________________
Your Organization/Blog:_____________
Your Email Address: ___________________
NOMINEE: Sonja Harris, Conservatives in Action
Nominee’s Blog Title: Conservatives In Action
Nominee’s Blog URL:
Nominee’s Twitter ID (if applicable): @SonjaHHarris
Nominee’s Email Address:

Description of Merit:

Self-taught conservative with an email list that is forwarded to over 10,000 readers a week, including Israeli and other international readers. While the e-mail is her biggest effort, Sonja has a facebook page and publishes a blog under the name “Red Sonja”. She also publishes on

Sonja was a volunteer blogger for the Rick Perry campaign in Iowa, live-blogged the Newt Gingrich/Herman Cain debate in Houston, and has covered Texas, national and international news. Please read her coverage of Pro-life rallies, take a look at her photographs of political and social events and her series on art



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