Empower Texans: Joe Straus Attacks Conservatives: Raising Money to Defeat Republican James White

Joe Straus (Texas Speaker of House) is OPENLY launching an all-out attack to oust one of our most conservative State Representatives, James White. Straus is holding a fundraiser in Austin this week to raise money to defeat Republican Incumbent James White.

Also, Joe Straus Endorses Mitt Romney after Poll Shows Santorum has Commanding Lead in Texas.

I do not support James White based on the fact that he is one of the few Black Republican state leaders. I do not vote based on race. I support James White because he is one of our most Conservative State Representatives! White was already hurt in redistricting (along with many other conservatives who Straus did not like), and now Straus is openly campaigning against him. WHY?? It might have something to do with James White beating long time Democrat Jim McReynolds (a Straus Chairman) in the 2010 election. Also, a new Texas Tribune poll shows that Rick Santorum is going to win Texas by a landslide. Straus responds by endorsing Mitt Romney.

Note: I have no ill-will towards Mike Hamilton. Hamilton has been my State Rep for some time now. I wish Hamilton would not have moved. I wish Hamilton would have stayed where he was at, and he would have run against moderate State Rep. Allan Ritter. I would have supported Hamilton over Ritter. Instead, Hamilton decided to play politics with redistricting and move to another county to run against Super Conservative James White. I do not vote based on who my friends are or who has been my State Rep for the last decade. I vote based on who the best candidate is. Between Hamilton and White, White is more conservative hands down. White has my vote. Also, it is now clear to me that Hamilton is being supported by Straus because Hamilton tried to push a gambling bill for Straus in the last legislative session. This is very disappointing...

The following is an article from Empower Texans about what is going on:

Straus Bets Big Against Conservatives

Posted on February 23, 2012 by Michael Quinn Sullivan

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus is once again campaigning against conservatives in 2012. In state, he is fundraising against the re-election of conservative State Rep. James White in favor of carpet-bagging moderate Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton. And nationally, Mr. Straus has endorsed the lackluster moderate Mitt Romney for president.

Straus is betting big against Texas conservatives. Once was the time when Joe Straus said as speaker he wouldn’t campaign against incumbents. Of course, that was in the 2010 election season, when the Republican Straus was actively working to help Democrat incumbents like former State Rep. Patrick Rose stay in office. But the conservative tide swept Rose and 22 other Straus-aligned Democrats from the Texas House.

This go-round, Speaker Straus’ GOP redistricting team sought to punish conservatives like James White. You see, Mr. White defeated a Straus Democratic committee chair, Jim McReynolds, in the ’10 general election. The Straus team radically redistricted Mr. White, putting him into all new territory. To add insult to injury, the Speaker’s go-to guy on gambling, the aforementioned Mr. Hamilton, moved districts and across county lines so he could challenge Mr. White.

(Mr. Hamilton is the chairman of the House Licensing Committee, which has jurisdiction over gambling expansion.)

This coming Wednesday (2/29), the Texas Association of Realtors political action committee is hosting a luncheon fundraiser in Austin for Hamilton — headlined by Speaker Straus. (See the fundraising invitation below, or by on the Realtors’ website.)

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