Forgiveness Is For Everyone, Even Newt Gingrich

To Err is Human, to Forgive is Divine
Alexander Pope


Why is it that Newt Gingrich, a convert to Catholicism is condemned for his infidelities and Rick Santorum is being given a pass on his past transgressions? Forgiveness is for everyone, even Gingrich. This race to the presidency is not about who is more Catholic but who will be able to lead our nation back to its proper standing and stop the WAR on Christianity. Let’s not be mesmerized by the sanctimonious rhetoric that Rick Santorum is out blowing. He has an enormous amount of voting baggage that has not always followed his Catholic principles and yet he has always been a Catholic.

Santorum’s voting record concerning Pat Toomey’s run for Senator is something that Santorum would like to erase because he supported Arlen Specter for re-election. As you can watch in the debate, Santorum defends his stance on Specter and then admits by saying he went along with his party. As we all know Specter turned out to be a Republican disaster. Even though Santorum was begged not to vote for Specter, he did, by his own admission in the Arizona debate on February 22. How sad that a Catholic Senator knowingly voted against his principles…again something he openly admitted in this last Arizona debate hosted by CNN and moderated by John King.

We have two conservative GOP presidential candidates still standing, Santorum and Gingrich both with human flaws, and after Tuesday, there may only be one standing. We should not be blinded by ‘righteous’ rhetoric and fall into a trap we may not be able to climb out of after the primaries are over. We need someone in the White House who can lead us out of the fiscal and social crisis America is presently experiencing. We should be careful not to vote with our emotions but with knowledge that the person we vote for will not only follow his conscience and conservative values, but the will of the people.

Gingrich has the fighting spirit that is necessary to fight the battles ahead. It is Gingrich that is speaking out against the Obama policies. It is Gingrich that has taken on the MSM, it is Gingrich that was Speaker of the House, and it is Gingrich that is fighting for all Christians.

Now that Rick Santorum is the front runner the Left is so willing to ‘discover’ his past mistakes. As you read the Huffington Post article you will note that Santorum’s past was anything but conservative. To this I say, where are all of Obama’s skeletons hidden and who will discover them? Surely NOT the MSM!

The following is an ISSUE STATEMENT by Rick Santorum from 1990. While the statement leads to Pro Life, it also alludes to Pro Choice. So Santorum was on the fence not wanting to commit on either side. Realizing that Santorum is now a Pro Life candidate, this Issue Statement is so telling of Santorum’s lack of leadership skills.

This Conservatives In Action Report is food for thought and should be seen as such because having a conservative in the White House is my desire.

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