The Greatest Robbery

We try to keep our valuables and belongings safe by locking them up. We lock our car doors when we get out of it, we lock our house doors when we leave our home. We’re constantly on guard against someone taking our valuables. We don’t want to experience loss. I want to let you know that the greatest threat or danger of suffering loss through robbery, is not from those who come to take, but from those who give to you and rob you of your initiative.

Welfare kills a man’s spirit. It may give his body the vitamins that make him big and fat, and he may be happy. But he doesn’t have the spirit of initiative. A dog you feed will not hunt. If you want a dog thats hunts, you have to let him get hungry. If you want a man to search, man needs to face the recesses of life.

In the 6th Chapter of Galatians, in the Bible, one verse says, “Bear ye one another’s burdens,” and then two verses later it says, “For every man shall bear his own burden.” When we allow someone to do for us those things which we should do for ourselves, we are voluntarily allowing ourselves to be robbed of our most precious possession, our Initiative. And once our initiative is taken, it is very difficult getting it back. Then we will find it is almost impossible to do those things for ourselves that we should do.


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