Religious Freedom Is Being Bullied

Mr. Speaker, the Administration is bullying religions. Yes, the government has required some religious organizations to violate their tenets and provide certain health care coverage for their employees--or else.

After an immediate backlash by the American public, the administration promised that it would make some changes; but the same day that it made this promise, it finalized the original mandate as-is with no changes. The original edict is now in effect. The big announcement about a change resulted in nothing, only more words.

The administration said it had the power to issue this order because it was implementing ObamaCare. If the administration has the power to infringe upon a constitutionally protected right, what will follow? What individual freedom will be trampled next, all in the name of "we're the government, we know what's best''?

The Constitution is being insulted and violated. We should fear this type of unyielding power and religious persecution. After all, the Constitution was written to protect us from this type of government.

And that's just the way it is.


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