Shame, The Shameless And The Rise Of Arrogance

Genesis 2:25 v Genesis 3:7
Taken from on line dictionary
SHAME: a negative emotion that combines feelings of dishonor, unworthiness, and embarrassment
SHAMELESS: untroubled or unaffected by shame, especially in situations where others would be ashamed
ARROGANCE: behavior that shows that you think you are better or more important than other people
GUILT: an awareness of having done wrong or committed a crime, accompanied by feelings of shame and regret

Much has been said about shame and the shameless. We should have known that the shameless elite would give rise to the ARROGANT. It seems that you can attend college and take courses so that you learn to feel no shame. College professors are indoctrinating students that shame is not good, that shame is even harmful and that it is not a moral reaction to an act we may or may not have committed. These professors take what they feel is good for their research and reject what is contrary to what they preach. The Progressives are extremely selective in using biblical verses to reflect their views and omit the verses in the bible that are not to their liking or ideology. For instance, Genesis 2:25, “the man and his wife were both naked, yet they felt no shame” is used to show that there is no shame, but in Genesis 3:7, “then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized that they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made loin cloths for themselves.”, shows that there is shame after Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit. This verse, of course, is not used to denote that shame came upon them once they disobeyed God. Who instructed these progressive college professors on SHAME…other progressive college instructors!

These college Progressives are infiltrating our universities with the notion that whatever a woman does is OK, that shame should be dismissed no matter what. Is Shame good? And that the social issue like abortion should be managed without shame. Not only are there more shameless women emerging from our universities, but we now have a generation that is willing to ‘feel’ no ‘shame’ for aborting an unborn or having someone else pay for their immoral choices. I am of the opinion that there are way too many shameless Progressives prancing around and that this lack of shame has given rise to Arrogance.

When did it become the duty of the Progressive professors to form our moral conscience? This is the sole task of parents together with pastors to help form the moral conscience of their children, not the college progressives. There are times when the feeling of shame mixed with the feelings of guilt should be addressed as in an abusive relationship or a traumatic encounter with a rapist. These circumstances require assistance from a loving family and a network of friends and even psychological help. The Progressives have a knack for spinning critical issues to suit their agenda and this issue on the First Amendment, our Religious Freedom, must look like a War on Women’s Rights. It’s that simple!

While listening to Sandra Fluke testify that she needed money for her contraceptives for her sexual pleasure, it occurred to me how totally unashamed she was telling the whole world that she needed sex, and she thought nothing of saying that her birth control pills should be paid by her college. It is irrelevant whether she is a bona fide student or an activist pro choice plant. She is a product of America’s moral decay. Fluke is the perfect Progressive feminist, totally shameless. She was shameless in testifying before Nancy Pelosi’s unofficial hearing on contraception. Yes, Rush Limbaugh may have gone overboard in his assessment of Miss Fluke by calling her a ‘slut’ but his biggest mistake was giving ammunition that the Liberals can use to slam us. Maureen Dowd in her article, asks the question, “Have you no Shame, Rush”?, but it is Dowd who is shameless in her attack on Rush. Limbaugh, the conservative, has apologized for his language in describing Miss Fluke.

Catholic Congresswoman, former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is the epitome of arrogance when she tells the world that she knows better than the Catholic Church and even the pope. Who does Pelosi think she is? Who has empowered this egotistical giant?

America has an attorney general who is shameless and arrogant by calling Americans’ ‘cowards’ and never excusing his diabolical part in Brian Terry’s death. His ability to enforce only those laws that he sees necessary to accomplish the goals of the Obama Administration has become very evident.

"Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards” 

Barack Hussein Obama is the Me King. He is the Arrogant in Chief, the Shameless in Chief and the Narcissist in Chief. Only Obama knows what is best for all Americans. He plans to force ObamaCare on us and now wants all Catholics, all Christians to adapt to his moral dictates. After all, he knows everything, more than God and his Commandments, more that our Constitution and definitely more than Americans. We should all ask ourselves why would a president with so many critical issues facing America call on this one ‘victim’, Sandra Fluke, and ask how she was doing…because he intends to make this a ‘War on Women’ and he needs the women’s vote in order to be reelected. How can anyone vote for this madman?

The latest shameless ‘victim’ is J T Lane, a student in Ohio who decided to kill his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. Before he stopped shooting, he had killed three students and injured two more. Had he had any shame, he would never have pulled the trigger. This teenager was shameless in his attacks on other teenagers going about their business. This was not a random act, but intentional.

Obama’s intrusion into our very souls is beyond our imagination. Moral conscience is formed in our youth, and we continue to grow by staying tuned to the teachings of our faith. Obama would like nothing more than to make all Christians follow his stance on abortion and total disregard for the Catholic Church’s teachings. Have you ever noticed how the Progressives always hide their true agenda by using language that candy coats their lies? This fight that Obama and the Left have forced on us is one of tyranny. It is not about women’s rights or contraception but our right to our own moral conscience not mandated from the government. Besides, this is how the Left works; it is not about contraception, it is about destroying our moral concept of abortion. It has been said over and over again that we should stop discussing contraception; I say as long as the Left is discussing contraception, we must stand firm and counter their attacks with the truth. It’s the First Amendment, Stupid!

Motherhood, shame and society

MMO: Before reading Women & Shame, I only had an abstract idea about shame and how it functions. I’d always assumed shame was a moral response — something we feel when we’ve violated our most deeply held values. But your research suggests that shame is about who we are rather than what we believe is right or wrong, and that the experience and transmission of shame depends on both an external and internal factors. What is shame, and how does it affect women’s lives?


In addition to defining shame, it was important for me to identify shame’s conceptual home — in research language we use the term “construct.” For example, in your question you ask about the possibility of shame being a “moral construct.” After doing this work, I propose that shame is a psycho-social-cultural construct.

Some membership groups keep group members “in line” by using very fundamentalist tactics. I define fundamentalist groups as any group espousing a belief system that holds itself so right and true that it discourages or even punishes questioning. Although we often associate fundamentalism with religion, fundamentalist thinking can be seen across all types of membership groups. While the research participants did talk about religious fundamentalism, they also gave a wide variety of examples like motherhood fundamentalism, political fundamentalism, therapy fundamentalism and parenting fundamentalism. These groups often support one ideal or one approach to various subjects.


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