Stand Up For Religious Freedom - March 23, 2012

We must stand up for Religious Freedom because our First Amendment is under direct attack. A STAND UP for Religious Freedom Rally will take place throughout the United States on Friday March 23, 2012. Every city has a different designated location. Check to see where your city is gathering by following the link to the website Standup for Religious Freedom.

San Antonio
When: Friday, March 23rd, 2012
What: "Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally"
Where: Downtown Main Plaza, San Antonio, TX
Time: Noon to 1 pm

Phil Sevilla, president of Texas Leadership Coalition, recommends that Catholics submit the following for insertion in the Sunday Bulletin.

Bulletin Announcement:

Archbishop fill in name of your Archbishop in conjunction with all the Catholic bishops in the United States issued a grave warning recently to all members of their flock, beseeching them to strongly oppose the Obama government's mandate forcing Catholic institutions to act in direct opposition to Catholic teaching through the health care plans they provide.

Archbishop fill in name of your Archbisop has called on the faithful in fill in the name of your city "to be heard on this critical matter of faith and freedom" and to refuse "comply(ing) with this unjust law".

On March 23rd between noon and 1 p.m., we will be heard; we will speak out against the direct assault of the government on our civil and religious liberties.

When: Friday, March 23rd, 2012
What: "Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally"
Where: location of your rally
Time: Noon to 1 pm



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