Senate Candidate Craig James on Business, Budgets and Energy (Video Interview)

The race for the US Senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has produced some very interesting candidates. People from the grassroots like Lela Pettinger to establishment Republicans like David Dewhurst. A late entry in the race has quickly moved to the top tier of candidates in the race - former NFL quarterback and Texas businessman Craig James.

I first heard James speak at the Saddle Up Texas Tea Party Straw Poll earlier this year and was intrigued by what I heard. Then, during the recent debate between the "Top 4" Senate candidates hosted by Belo Broadcasting, James did a very good job of showing himself to be a viable candidate who could have impact in who makes the expected runoff election. The following day I heard James speak at the Clear Lake Tea Party "Tax Day" Rally and had an opportunity to invite him by the office for an interview.

Craig James fired up the crowd at the rainy Tax Day Rally hosted by the Clear Lake Tea Party

We broke the interview into two parts. The first part, included below, discussed James' view of business. More particularly, the government's role in business and how it effects job growth. As a business owner, James clearly expressed some of the same concerns I have as a part owner of my company, Blue Wonder Gun Care Products.

We also discussed the issue of the US Senate not producing a budget since Harry Reid and the Democrats took over in 2006. During the debate, James made some comments about budget cuts but was cut off from his primary point so I asked him to fill in the blanks on his thoughts on reducing the size of the budget and government.

Finally, we discussed energy policy and the EPA. Once again, James' perspective as a business owner would be a valuable addition to the US Senate.


In part two of the interview we will discuss James' plan on how to win this election, border security and illegal immigration. He certainly scored points on this during the Belo debate and has ideas for immigration reform that are very sensible.

Craig James is a very interesting candidate for the senate seat. Whether he wins this race or not, or even makes the runoff or not, he will be a factor in the Texas political scene for some time to come. He brings a very common sense Texas businessman's approach to how government should interface with its citizens.

Fellow Houston blogger, David Jennings, wrote "Craig James brings openness and honesty to Texas politics." I couldn't agree more... Very refreshing indeed.

Craig James pauses to sign a football for a young fan at Clear Lake Tea Party Tax Day Rally


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