Racism Costs Jasper, TX MILLIONS. Black Police Chief Pearson Outrageously Files Lawsuit to Save his Job

Open Records Request documents show that the City of Jasper in East Texas has been hit hard financially as a result of the City Council's black member majority hiring Rodney Pearson as the new police chief in a backroom deal. The decision seems to be based solely on the fact that Pearson is black. Pearson was one of the least qualified and even had a criminal record. Since the hiring, the City of Jasper has been hit with several racial discrimination lawsuits by white candidates for police chief who say they were not hired because they are white. Two of the black Council Members involved were kicked off of the Council in a recall election. These two former members are currently seeking election back onto the Council in the May 12th city election this Saturday.

The racial discrimination that occurred in the hiring of Rodney Pearson based on race has cost the taxpayers of the city millions. The actual damages the city has had to pay so far has only been legal fees, insurance premiums and deductibles. The city insurance through Texas Municipal League has covered paying the racial discrimination settlements so far.

The City of Jasper has lost out on MILLIONS of dollars in coverage as a result of the insurance adjustments.

Due to the racial discrimination lawsuits against Jasper, the Texas Municipal League has recently reduced the limit of liability coverage provided to the City of Jasper from 1 million dollars to $500,000 with the annual aggregate getting lowered from 2 million dollars to 1 million dollars. The deductible will also get bumped up to $10,000 from $2,500.

This is a huge setback for the city.

There are still many more racial discrimination lawsuits that have yet to be resolved. The city will likely reach the insurance limits and will have to start paying the costly settlements. The city already has to pay the tens of thousands in legal fees and other expenses associated with this racial discrimination and when they have to start paying the settlements it will cost the city in a big way!

Police Chief Rodney Pearson Claims Racial Discrimination as a Stunt to Keep from Getting Fired Under New Council

Rodney Pearson got hired as police chief based on him being black while other, better candidates got passed over. Pearson got a raise within 1 year even though he had not done anything but cause trouble and city policy does not allow for a raise within the first year. So how in the world is Pearson alleging racial discrimination?

He is alleging racial discrimination because he knows his days as police chief are numbered. You see, his buddies on city council got kicked out and there might be a change of power after this city council election on Saturday. A new council might decide to hire someone more qualified who does not have a criminal record. Pearson does not want to give up the job though so he plans on filing a racial discrimination lawsuit in hopes that this will keep him from getting fired or at least give him a nice payout if he does get fired. This guy is a slime ball.

Did I mention there is a complaint against this guy for fondling an elderly woman's breast?

Rodney Pearson Sides with Woman Beaters and Druggies over Police Officers

Sergeant Gary Pulled filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the city after he was passed over for a promotion to LT by Pearson based on race. When Pearson took office he demoted or fired many white officers, including Pullen. A month later, the new police chief Pearson did not like that SGT Pullen filed a racial discrimination lawsuit so Pearson went looking for revenge. Pearson re-opened a use of force case in which SGT Pullen had already been cleared of wrongdoing. Pearson reopened the case and made the determination that Pullen should be fired for excessive use of force for getting drugs out of a druggies mouth before the drugs could be swallowed and also for pepper spraying as man who was beating as woman and spit in Officer Pullen's face. Swallowing the drugs would have resulted in possibly death and was an attempt to destroy evidence. Spitting on an officer can result in diseases and is assault. Pullen was cleared of wrongdoing but Pearson sided with the druggie and woman beater and fired Pullen. Two city council members even went to a different state to find this criminal and ask him to file a complaint and then gave this criminal a $50,000 handout even though he never filed and lawsuits!

This is one big mess in Jasper, TX. This is what happens though when we live in a country where racism is okay as long as the victim is white. We can thank people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the New Black Panthers for promoting this kind of racism. Will we ever live in a country where people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? Life would be much easier that way and we would have many less conflicts. People should never be judged by the color of their skin. The best person for the job should get the job. In this case, Pearson was not the best person.

On a different note, Jasper has a chance to have a very good, qualified, outstanding conservative black leader. State Representative James White is a Conservative Christian Republican. Jasper County has been put in James White's new district. Vote James White for State Representative House District 19 on May 29th, 2012 Republican Primary Election! I do not vote based on race. I vote on values. James White is an outstanding leader with great values. That is why I am voting for him. It is great though to have such a strong Republican leader who is black so that everyone can open their eyes to the realization that the liberal Democrat Party is not for minorities like blacks and Hispanics. Obama just came out and supported gay marriage for crying out loud. That is something that most minorities in Texas and America are strongly against! The Republican Party and Christian Conservative Values are better for minorities. We want to lift people up to be able to have a good job and a good life. The Democrats just want minority votes by giving out free handouts and keeping minorities down.


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