Importance of Texas GOP State Convention THIS WEEK June 7-9, 2012 at Fort Worth Convention Center

This week is the 2012 Texas Republican State Convention in Fort Worth, TX.

The State GOP Convention happens every 2 years and is the end of a long process. This year was especially frustrating because of the changes in our election date and convention process due to redistricting lawsuits.

Typically, Texans vote in the Republican Primary Election and then go to their precinct polling place the night of the election (right after the election is over) and there takes place the Precinct Convention. At the Precinct Convention, delegates submit platform ideas and rules changes. They also nominate people from that precinct to be delegates to the County/Senatorial Convention.

At the County/Senatorial Convention, the rules changes and platform ideas are voted on to be passed up to the State Convention. The County Convention also votes on the delegates to go to the State Convention.

Then there is the State Convention. This is very important because this convention will shape the entire Republican Party of Texas. The delegates at the State Convention will do everything from determine what the Republican Party Platform Values are for the next 2 years, to selecting a State Chairman and SREC members to run the State Party, to selecting National Delegates to the Republican National Convention to nominate the Republican Presidential Candidate and create the national GOP Platform.

Full List of Important Events at Texas GOP State Convention:

  • Vote on Party Platform Values 
  • Vote on Party Rules 
  • Elect State Chairman and VP 
  • Elect National Committeeman and Committeewoman 
  • Elect Delegates to National Convention 
  • Elect Presidential Electors 
  • Elect State Republican Executive Committeeman and Committeewoman

2012 Texas GOP State Convention Schedule, Events, Parking Map – June 7-9 Fort Worth Convention Center – Click Here.



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