Texas GOP Immigration Platform - Pandering or Progress

The Republican Party of Texas made, what many are calling, an historic step forward in the debate to solve our nation's broken immigration system last Friday night when it adopted "The Texas Solution" as a new plank in the state party's platform.  However, the lengthy floor fight was not the end of the debate.  It is, rather, a new beginning where we have proven that reasonable people can come together, with differing opinions, and come together with a solution to move forward. The question is being raised by some - Is this progress, or is it pandering?

The Dallas Morning News, in an editorial yesterday, said Democrats are already claiming  the new plank is "nothing more than shameless pandering by a party desperate to address its credibility issue with Hispanics."  I can certainly see why they might draw that conclusion. After all, the Democrats sustain their very livelihood by shamelessly pandering to minorities.  However, their conclusion is wrong.

Democrats, and more specifically President Obama, have made a lot of promises to Hispanics in regards to immigration reform.  But what they have delivered is nothing.  Not even a real attempt at delivering anything.  So much so that prominent Democrats are expressing frustration with the White House.

In 2010, delegate David Carter (left) and businessman Norman Adams (right) were on opposite sides of the immigration policy debate.  Through talking and true listening, they came together on "The Texas Solution". Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson also delivered a powerful message to the delegation.

What they have done, however, is conduct open warfare against Hispanics by deporting more Hispanics, including many US citizens, than any other administration. They have even gone so far as to attack the US Citizenship of elderly Hispanics, according to an article by TexasGOPVote blogger and Latinos Ready to Vote founder, Linda Vega.

Delegate Nelson Spear speaks to the delegation in support of "The Texas Solution".

Texas Republicans have not been pandering with words to Hispanic voters in Texas.  They have, rather, been demonstrating through bold action, a set of principles aimed at bringing an end to the decades old debate over illegal immigration and our broken immigration policy. During the last legislative session, HCR88 was proffered by members of the House's Republican Hispanic Conference. HCR 88 provided a solution based process for establishing conservative and economic principles that should be applied to develop both border security and immigration reform.

Von Ormy Mayor, Art Martinez de Vara discusses "The Texas Solution" during Platform Committee hearings.

When members of the Texas platform committee gathered last week, not many believed we could accomplish what we did.  But, it became apparent that people are no longer satisfied with angry rhetoric that leaves the status quo in place and offers no solution.  Four long days of intense but thoughtful discussion led to a new path for a solution.


Delegate Brad Bailey debates in favor of "The Texas Solution" on the convention floor calling for delegates to listen to facts and not fiction.

On Friday night, LATE Friday night, the discussion was brought to the entire delegation of the Republican Party of Texas.  Yes, there was strong debate. Yes, there was opposition.  But clearly and overwhelmingly, the delegates of the convention voted loudly to approve the new plank on immigration.  Their mandate can now let legislators at the state and federal level know they have our support and approval to move forward with finding a real solution.

Secure the border, develop a new immigration policy that meets the economic and security needs of our nation, provide a guest worker program that serves our agricultural and business needs and deal humanely with the people who have come to our nation to work and who have not committed any other crimes.

The "Texas Solution" is not perfect.  Nor is it even a detailed document of what needs to be done.  By design, it is a statement of conservative principles that call for a solution that honors the rule of law and meets the economic needs of our businesses and citizens.  It is a good program.

Just a few of the people who put in so much hard work to bring "The Texas Solution" to adoption by the convention.  (L to R) Anthony Vargas, Norman Adams, Brad Bailey, Art Martinez de Vara, Artemio Muniz and James Barnes.

To our members of Congress and the Texas Legislature - You have a lot of work to do.  We stand beside you and support you.  Now, get to work!




The 2012 immigration plank was a mistake from the start and looks like it was written by the Democratic Socialists of America.  Now we have taken the liberal's game of political correctness to a whole new level with the term "undocumented individual".   Forget about Texas. Let's just go global shall we?

The committee members that created this "baby step" to amnesty dominated the microphones during the debate and argued for it on the premise that they brought members of the 'business community' into the deliberation process and had 100% support. OF COURSE THEY DID! I can put the immigration language of that platform in front of 100,000 employers of illegal aliens, and they will ALL support it.  Because IT DOES NOTHING TO STOP THE PRACTICE OF EMPLOYING ILLEGAL ALIENS.  If so-called conservatives intend to join the globalist liberals on this issue, why don't we get rid of the immigration laws and the borders altogether and just allow the destruction of the Republic of Texas?
If anyone thinks this is about race, they are just wrong.  This is about the law and the culture of Texas.   Look at it this way.  Russians don't want Texans going to Russia and changing it into Texas any more than Texans want Russians coming to Texas and changing it into Russia. There is no difference.   I respect Mexico and Mexicans, but I don't want Texas to become Mexico.

It comes down to a very simple question for every Texan. Do we want to have a border, live by the law, and maintain the Republic of Texas and its culture or not?   If not, just say so, forget the founding principle of liberty, do away with the laws, and assimilate with Mexico.  Let's stop avoiding the obvious.  It appears that in the coming years, Texas will become a majority non-citizen country, with most having no understanding of the history of Texas, a republican form of government, or the founding principle of liberty.  If we don't care about perpetuating our Republican form of government or protecting our liberty and our rights, let's just stop the arguing and start speaking spanish.   ¿Es eso tan duro comprender?

Mr. Stoval, thank you for your comments filled with name callling and errors.  For now, let's ignore the name calling and focus on the errors.

  1. Undocumented Individuals - this is a correct technical and legal phrase.  Not all of the individuals this covers entered the country illegally.  Many are people who's legal documentation has expired and they have remained in the country because of our broken system.  
  2. "Babystep towards amnesty" - The platform clearly states it is opposed to amnesty.  It calls for people who are here illegally to pay a fine to be eligible for the guest worker program.  The last time you paid a fine for a traffic ticket, did you feel like you got amnesty?  Illegal entry into the US is the legal equivilant of a traffic offense.
  3. 100% Support - Your premise that we packed the committee with business people to cram this program down the throats of the Party.  This also is incorrect.  As I stated, people representing groups who were strongly opposed to our message in 2010 listened to and participated in the process. Concensus was earned through days of discussion and debate.
  4. Not stopping practice of hiring illegal aliens - This is also not correct as, under this proposal, employers would be prohibited from hiring anyone who does not have the biometric Guest Worker ID card.  Furthermore, it would end the abuse of employee misclassification as workers would only be able to work for legitimate employers who withhold and deduct payroll taxes.
  5. All about race - This has nothing to do with race and no one said it did.  Nice try.  Go play that card on a Democrat blog.
  6. Texas not Mexico - again you are incorrect.  No one is trying to turn Texas into Mexico with this platform.  In fact, there is a provision that Guest Workers would be required to learn english.
  7. Get rid of immigration laws and borders - Again you are wrong. Perhaps you didn't even read the platform.  The program calls for a secure border and takes bold steps to repair our broken immigration system.
  8. Dominated the microphones - Were you even there?  Party rules allow five speaker for and five speakers against.  There were several attempts to change the language of the platform. There was much debate from BOTH sides.  The RPT delegates gave this platform an overwhelming mandate.

One other area where you have your head in the sand, Texas is changing demographically.  In case you have noticed, Anglos are not making babies in the numbers we used to.  The Hispanic citizen population is growing at a MUCH faster pace than almost any other group.  Texas will be a Hispanic state.  That is undebatable.  The real question is, will it be a Democrat state or a Republican state.  

This platform goes a long way towards showing conservative Hispanic voters we share their values and we care about their vote.

Name calling? Really? This platform is what it is and I'll call it nothing less.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

1. The term "Undocumented individuals" is not correct, it is politically correct. Your use of the expired legal documentation is no argument. Under the law, they remain here illegally. That does not change because YOU say the system is broken.

2. Baby steps towards amnesty are exactly what this is regardless of what the platform says to the contrary. It is just another crack in the dam. Illegal entry into this country is the equivalent to a traffic ticket? So if someone comes into your home, takes your child's bed and eats your family’s food, all without your consent, you would say that is the equivalent to a traffic ticket? Yes, please expound on that one.

3. As one of the committee members at the microphone stated, they brought members of the business community into the meetings and had 100% support for the platform. I am simply stating the obvious. Of course they had support. It is in favor of those that hire illegals. Which part of that don't you understand?

4. "end the abuse of employee misclassification as workers would only be able to work for legitimate employers who withhold and deduct payroll taxes." Who are you kidding with this? It does nothing, do you understand, nothing to stop day labor or cash employment. The last time I checked, there were around 325 thousand "legitimate" employers in Texas. How many more employers do you think are not registered with the state comptroller’s office? And how many individuals hire illegals for private labor? (domestic, agriculture, ranching) It is all smoke and mirrors and politics for those that benefit from illegal labor. It is nothing else.

5. Re-read the comment. I never said it was about race. Nice spin though.

6. A provision requiring illegal aliens to learn English? That is nice to hear and I'm absolutely certain THAT will happen. I tell you what, ask 100 Texans on the street if they believe for a second that this platform will ultimately lead to amnesty, and see what you get.

7. These steps aren't bold, they fold. They justify crime. They take care of those that benefit from illegal immigration. As I stated, if Texans want to erase the border and remove the immigration laws, fine. Dot it. Until then, we have law and a border, and we are a Republic!

8. Yes I was there or I wouldn't be commenting on your blog. The committee members spoke and got what they wanted. It was that simple. It was wrong, but they got it anyway. Now the national convention will believe that ALL of Texas is in favor of a "guest worker program" and it will be untrue.

I know you are the resident expert in this field, but some like myself, have worked with illegals for over 30 years. I have come to the conclusion that WE, meaning those of us that have ever justified the hiring of an illegal alien are participating in the destruction of Texas. Period.

As I stated before, it appears that in the coming years, Texas will become a majority non-citizen country, with most having no understanding of the history of Texas, a republican form of government, or the founding principle of liberty.

And again, if we don't care about perpetuating our Republican form of government or protecting our liberty and our rights, let's just stop the arguing and start speaking Spanish.

I was going to just let this go, but it wouldn't be politically correct.

"This platform goes a long way towards showing conservative Hispanic voters we share their values and we care about their vote."

When you make that statement, you clearly show that in your political view it is ALL about race.

I look at everything from the viewpoint of a Texan, period. No matter your heritage, if you are a law abiding citizen living in the great State of Texas, you are a member of this Republic. I will never accept giving special privileges to illegal aliens at the expense of any Texan.

Pandering? I would call it pragmatism, i e  Texas GOP is offering a practical approach to a thorny issue.

Here is a fresh article from Time that is further evidence that Texas GOP is on the right track on immigration reform.

The Fiscal Fallout of State Immigration Laws "Tough immigration laws in Arizona and Alabama are costing the states billions of dollars. Business and agricultural leaders have had enough."

Read more: http://business.time.com/2012/06/14/the-fiscal-fallout-of-state-immigration-laws/#ixzz1xmJqkJjk

Good job, Texas!

Trading values for votes? Id rather lose with my values intact than sell out and win. GOP Will keep losing support because of things like this.

You stated "the "Texas Solution" is not perfect."  You bet it's not!  I understand and agree that many of the issues in the 2010 platform were put in other places.  But the debate during general session showed that this will continue to be a major issue.  The fact of the matter is that no nation has ever survived an influx of immigrants of this magnitude that failed to assimilate into the new culture.  How much more can Texas, or America, take before the laws of our land are rendered completely moot?

Our immigration laws must be respected and enforced!  It has absolutely NOTHING to do with race or racism!  It has to do with saving what we can.

Far too often politically minded people gather under the Republican Party name (or other parties) and debate, define, draft and publish their planks for the year. One would think that the elected members of the party and those supporting roles would strive to pass legislation that supports the goals and ideals of the party. I have been to several conventions and worked to develop and vote upon the state party planks. I cannot express how excited I was to participate in the development of the planks, yet so frustrated with the range of perceptions, beliefs and goals of the various people involved. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Perhaps in some respect these debates appeared similar to our founding fathers debating the many aspects of our constitution, but unlike our founding fathers who believed in the constitution and pursued actions to further the development of it, the state party planks end up being nothing more than a good show. Yes the effort is really all for show! Once in office no one is bound to support any of the planks at all.

I always thought planks where the goals and values of a party and that for the most part every member of the party would support them. If not in their entirety perhaps a majority of them. But while serving the people in the many positions, I have continuously found my fellow Republicans would ignore the planks and do whatever they wanted.

Essentially, if you put weight in planks you just have been pranked!

Great articles Dwayne.  The only correction I will make is that Bob Price is not the resident expert, but he is one of the resident deceivers (I've known him for a few years).   I was also at the state convention and contrary to what Price & friends have said, not everyone was able to testify regarding the plank and their were very few people who were able to speak Friday before they called for a floor vote.  But of course with the individuals on the platform committee, we shouldn't have expected anything other than passage of this travesty.  Unfortunately, this will pass at the national convention and become part of the national platform.  As far as this group pandering to the hispanics, they absolutely are.  For years, these individuals (like Bob Price and Norm Adams) have shouted from the roof tops that the GOP must change their stance on illegal aliens and illegal immigration if we want to attract the hispanics to the GOP.  Changing this plank isn't going to change any hispanic's mind about who they're going to vote for, 65-70% of the legal hispanics in this country are against any kind of amnesty, comprehensive immigration reform or temporary worker program. What's interesting is the reports that Adams & friends spout all come from groups with "progressive" attached to the group's name. It does no good to argue with these people, they have their agenda (greed), but rest assured they are not finished and won't be until they have another amnesty as we did in 1986.

Janet, I am trying to figure out if you are misinformed or just flat out lying.  The members of the platform committee knew this would be a hotly debated topic.  They dedicated a subcommittee to deal with this issue and added an extra day of testimony to allow everyone who felt the issue was important enough to take their time to appear, an opportunity to speak.  That you could not be bothered to be there is not an indication of the party's lack of desire for input.  The floor of the convention is not the place for detailed debates on major issues. That is what the committees are for.  Party rules limit debate on the floor to five people speaking in favor of an item and five people speaking against an item.  That is exactly what happened Friday night. The subcommittee and the final platform committee went until 11 pm every night.  There was plenty of time for debate.

Your lies continue with the objectives of this platform and other areas.  Norman Adams did not write this platform.  Nor did I.  I did not even testify about this matter, although I was prepared to if needed. This came about through the hard work of people who were willing to sit down and seek solutions.  You and your ilk are good at making a lot of noise and bringing a lot of bad press to the Republican party.  But you are highly ineffective at getting anything done.  The result is after 10 years of this lack of action, there are still millions of unidentified illegal aliens wandering around our country.  This platform offers a solution to get people identified and to remove more of the criminal element of the population of illegal aliens.  This platform committee did more to solve the problems facing this nation in five days than you have done in the many years you have been out spreading hate and lies.

This plank calls for securing the border.  A must for any immigration reform to work.  It calls for identifying with biometric identification cards, anyone in this country illegally.  It calls for an end to the practice of misclassifying employees as independent contractors and all of the abuses that ensue from that.

It is not a perfect plank, but it offers solutions and it moves the ball forward.  It is not amnesty nor will it lead to amnesty.  It is not even about a pathway to citizenship.  It is simply a reasonable step forward to securing our borders and fixing a very broken immigration system.

Thank you for your response. 


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