Moderates, Romney Wreak Havoc at National Convention - Will They Destroy the Republican Party?

Update: Morton Blackwell sent out an urgent message late last night stating that the compromise we have been hearing about regarding these issues is fake and is an attempt to get conservatives to back down! The compromise only deals with the issue of the presidential candidate selecting state delegates and the compromise does not even cover the proposed rule change that will allow the RNC to change the rules between conventions without delegate approval. We MUST not back down!

WARNING! Romney and moderate Republicans want control over who the national delegates are and what is in the Republican Party Platform and Rules! They want to take this power away from the states. This is an attempt to mold the Republican platform to his moderate values and also to force state delegates to be completely loyal to him and his moderate beliefs instead of standing for their own beliefs and the beliefs of the people who voted for them from each state and congressional district.

Call All National Delegates you know and tell them This MUST be defeated!

Let me first say that I am of course voting for Romney because Obama MUST go. Romney was not my first choice, but he has won and he will be better that Obama.

That being said.....

Mitt Romney better check himself before he wrecks himself (and the GOP).

Romney's Team (his top campaign lawyer Ben Ginsburg and other operatives) and many other moderates in the RNC introduced rule changes at the Republican National Convention that have now been thrown out, but if brought back up in convention this week, could destroy the GOP and disenfranchise Republicans all over the nation. These attacks are not just aimed at one group (like Ron Paul Delegates). These attacks are aimed at all conservatives who will not compromise or go with the flow.

Romney can court the moderates, but he will not win if the loses the base of the party (the conservatives). He needs the Tea Party. He needs social conservatives. He Also Needs Ron Paul Supporters.

Fellow Conservative Texan Jeremy Blosser is at the National Convention, and he sent me a report about these issues. I was also sent articles about these subjects from other fellow Conservatives like Cathie Adams and Debbie Georgatos.

First, one proposed change from Romney would allow  presidential nominees (right now that would be him) to pick the state delegates to the National Convention. SAY WHAT? Individual states get delegates for a reason. It is so each STATE gets represented. The people of each state select THEIR delegates to the National Convention, NOT HIS. These delegates do everything from voting on the Republican values in the GOP platform to voting for the Republican Presidential Nominee. Each state assigns their national delegates a presidential candidate to vote for based on things like caucus votes and statewide primary election results. Romney has won the nomination. He has the votes. Apparently that is not good enough for him. Now he wants to be able to pick the delegates to the national convention. He wants to take that right away form the states.

THIS WOULD ALLOW ROMNEY AND HIS MODERATES TO CRAFT THE GOP PARTY PLATFORM AND VALUES! That is why this is such a bad idea. This change would not just allow Romney to pick delegates to vote for him for the nomination. These delegates ALSO VOTE ON THE PLATFORM. So in effect, allowing Romney to pick his delegates instead of the states picking them will mean that Romney can pick people to represent HIS values in the platform instead of the States and Congressional Districts picking delegates to represent THEIR values in the platform.

The RNC had already betrayed the states last year, especially Texas, by forcing us to change our rules and how we select our National Convention delegates. Last year I declared that we MUST STAND UP TO THE RNC. Unfortunately we did not. Well, now we see what happens when we try to play nice and go along. When we do not stand up for what we believe, we lose and then we lose more in the future because now the other side has a foot in the door to be able to force more changes on us.

Texas is Leading the Way to Defeat this Change! I am thankful to say that most of the Texas Delegation is strongly opposed to this, including our State Republican Party Chairman Steve Munisteri and our two RNC Rules Committee Members Butch Davis and Melinda Fredericks. They are leading the charge for the Texas Delegation against this proposed change and are standing for Texas and Grassroots Republicans everywhere!

Second, another rule change would allow the RNC to make rule changes between conventions, without approval from the delegates and with no checks or balances. The delegates to the national convention are from all corners of America and at the convention they are responsible for voting on the National Platform (our values) and our party rules. This change would allow the handful of RNC members to take that power away from the delegates. This change would allow the Republican National Committee members to have the ability to change this important document between conventions and without approval of the delegates. The original threshold proposed was 2/3 of the entire RNC in order to be able to change the rules between conventions. Melinda Fredericks, the Vice Chairman of Texas GOP and a Rules Committee Member, got this changed to 3/4. Mrs. Fredericks meant well, but it was a compromise that really does not safeguard us much. We need to stop compromising and just start standing for what is right. I urge Mrs. Fredericks and the Texas Delegation to also oppose this change just as strongly as they oppose Romney wanting to pick Delegates instead of the states.

The RNC should not be able to change our rules between conventions, even with a 3/4 threshold, because as Morton Blackwell (long-time Conservative RNC member) noted, in his many years on the RNC, he has never seen a situation where the chairman did not get what he wanted on a vote, regardless of threshold.

Call All National Delegates you know and tell them This MUST be defeated!

Romney and Moderate Republicans MUST realize that they NEED conservatives in order to beat Obama and the Democrats. Groups like the Tea Party and Ron Paul supporters bring energy and passion to elections. There is a belief that a candidate must go moderate to win, but that is no longer true. The nation is becoming so polarized that conservatives are getting fed up and joining together. They are NOT just going along with the Republican Party anymore. They can change elections. Look what the Tea Party and conservative groups did right here in Texas when they helped Ted Cruz win the Texas US Senate Nomination against the sitting Lt. Governor who had limitless campaign funds. The Republican Party needs to embrace these conservative groups instead of tossing them to the side. They need us for our passion and energy to get people to the polls, but they also need our votes! They cannot just assume that conservatives will keep supporting the GOP because many conservatives are bailing the GOP because the moderates are so drastically trying to take over the party and move it more to the left. I am voting for Romney because I want Obama out, and Romney is the better of the two, but I have friends who have told me that they are just so fed up with the moderates in the Party, like Romney, that they just might not even vote in the Presidential election because they cannot in good conscience vote for either candidate based on their values.



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