National Empty Chair Day - Great Success at Showing Emptiness of Obama Promises

When Clint Eastwood took the stage at the Republican National Convention last week, few had any idea his remarks would become an iconic attack on the Obama Presidency. Yet in the following 11 minutes an empty chair could become a symbol which has ignited a public response that is both funny and politically poignant. 

The totally unscripted remarks of this Hollywood legend sparked a National Empty Chair day this Labor Day holiday weekend. People all over America took pictures of their own empty chair, sending a message to America that we want a real leader, like Mitt Romney and not four more years of an "Empty Chair"!

Around the county, people creatively put together a campaign of empty chairs. One of the first, a David Lettermanesq "Top Ten Reasons Why an Empty Chair is Better than President Obama."

On of my favorites came from Houston Tea Party Societys leader Felicia Cravens, showing an empty chair in "time out" for being a bad chair.

A Facebook reader, Tim Rounds, reminds us that an empty chair could never make a speech without its teleprompter.

Empty Chair with Teleprompter

Another Facebook reader, Barron, sends in a picture of an empty chair in front of Solyndra.

Of course, we all know that President Obama would not have something to say in response.  Here is his own "Empty Chair" speech.

Obamas Empty Chair Speech

All this said, we all know, President Barack Obama is not an empty chair. He is a very dangerous man who tells us what he is going to do to fundamentally change Americaand then sets out to exactly that. While the "Empty Chair" has certainly brought some much needed humor to this election cycle, we must not forget the damage he has already done to American and, as he told the Russians, just wait to see what he can do when he is not bound by the need for re-election.  We cannot give him this opportunity to bring future destruction to our Republic.


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