Congress Following States’ Lead On Misclassification

The topic of immigration reform has stalled in Congress, but that has not stopped states from taking action to ensure a legal workforce. According to, several states, including Florida, New York, Iowa, New Jersey, New Mexico and New Hampshire have taken the initiative to stop wage theft and worker misclassification. Eliminating wage theft and worker misclassification will reduce the incentives for employers to hire illegals.

Organizations such as the Interfaith Justice Worker and Centro de Trabajadores Unidos are promoting the enforcement of these new laws at the local level. Kim Bobo, the Executive Director of Interfaith Worker Justice said that we need to “...stand up for both comprehensive immigration reform and vigorous enforcement of the nation’s labor laws.” As is often seen throughout history, the states are faster to react to a situation than the federal government, but finally some members of Congress have proposed a national misclassification law to protect the rights of the legal worker, taking a step toward solving an important part the immigration crisis.


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