Congressman Poe Continues Support for Arizona

The following came in from Congressman Ted Poe (TX-2):

Dear Neighbors,

Next week, a federal judge in Arizona will hear arguments in the federal government’s challenge to the Arizona immigration enforcement law.

In my continued support for Arizona’s right to enforce the law, I have signed onto a legal brief to the court that opposses the government’s challenge and asserts that states have a role in enforcing immigration laws and a duty to protect its citizens when the federal government refuses to do so.

The legal brief, called an amicus brief, states that my colleagues and I are committed to the constituional principles of federalism and to the seperation of powers, both of which are jeopardized by the federal government’s lawsuit against the state of Arizona. I have joined over 80 Members of Congress on this brief.

The Department of Justice argues the law would undermine U.S. foreign policy and violate the U.S. Constitution. I could not disagree more. It is illegal to be in our country without permission, whether that’s in Arizona, Alaska or Texas.

Unlike many in this adminstration, I have read the bill. As a former prosecutor and judge, I strongly disagree with the arguments in this case. The Arizona law mirrors the existing federal law, but goes a step further explicitly prohibiting racial-profiling four separate times and including punishment for the misuse of the law.

The government argues that the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution gives the federal government the authority to regulate immigration laws so the Arizona law must be struck down. Arizona acts because Washington doesn’t.

They are well within the law to do so, as Congress has long encouraged states to have a role in immigration enforcement. Both state and federal governments have the authority to enforce immigration laws.

Just like many of you, I was mad over the scolding Mexican President Calderon gave us over our immigration laws when he spoke before Congress earlier this summer. Eight countries that have illegals in the United States, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru, have joined the ACLU in a sepearte lawsuit against the state of Arizona. I believe these countries would be better suited taking care of their own immigration issues before critcizing ours.

The state of Texas has also joined eight other states in filing an amicus brief with the court as well.

I appreciate hearing from many of you on this issue and I will continue to support the state of Arizona in this legal challenge and others.

I look forward to seeing you back in Texas during the August work period. Please be sure to log on to my website, friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and check out my latest floor speeches on YouTube.

God and Texas,

Ted Poe
Member of Congress


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Amen, Congessman Poe!

Once again, the vocal minority makes headlines concerning Arizona's SB 1070, while those of us (the silent majority) who support the law remain quiet.  Congressman Poe's amicus brief in support of Arizona is welcome relief.

Bottom line:  those of us who live in Arizona, legally, are tired of nightly news programs reporting kidnapping, rapes, and murders...especially those at the hands of illegals.  We've got no problem with any immigrants entering through our front door. 

The biggest problem we face is a Federal government that sits on it's hands...a do-nothing group that doesn't want to upset a potential group of voters that might save their collective butts.  Arizona has decided to put an end to the crime...only because Obama's administration is ineffective and, worse, indifferent.

The argument that "racial profiling" is created...well, I guess that means that you are "profiling" law enforcement  to be unable to adhere to the letter of the law.  Not fair. In fact, our legislators passed Arizona House Bill 2162 within a week of SB 1070 to ensure that racial profiling would not be an issue.  

460,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona.  The #1 state in kidnappings. Lawlessness run amok.

The Mexican-American people need to understand one thing:  we live in a different time now.  9/11 proved we could be attacked on our own soil, and ignoring our borders is no longer an option.  Arizonans know that there are Mexicans who have lived here for decades...and these folks are not the target of SB 1070.  Unfortunately, since they never bothered to attempt naturalization, they could be victims of the law.  And while that's sad, it's more acceptable than our LEGAL citizens being kidnapped, raped, and murdered.

It's time for the Obama administration to decide whether they want to protect their citizens or "look good" to the world.  Should he decide the latter, I will do everything in my power to help make him a one-term president.

Tim Prindiville
Registered Independent
Scottsdale, AZ

The majority of the American people are probing this simple question? If the enactment of SB 1070, Arizona's policing law, is a non-negotiable interference of Federal law relating to states right to protect itself. 1. Does this law causes "irreparable harm? 2. Does it circumvent federal law? These are the arguments of the Department of Justice having filed this complaint in federal court. As I perceive it, the only person who comes under suspicion, are people who are avoiding coming into contact with a police officer. If you happened to get pulled over, they are first going to run the cars plates. Then cross referencing with your driver’s license, then if everything falls into line with names and addresses and no bench warrant is out for your arrest--then you drive away. The state of Arizona has built SB1070 on the foundations of federal law, so what’s the big issue here? The material issue has absolutely nothing to do with the "Rule of Law?" and everything to do with politics.

 Same as the federal government conveniently overlooking Sanctuary States and cities, because California cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, Denver, Colorado, New York City are all in contravention to the 1986 immigration act. Sanctuary cities policies were first adopted in the Liberal metropolis of in 1979 Los Angeles, to prevent police from inquiring about the immigration status of arrestees. "Special order 40," states: "Officers shall not initiate police action with the objective of discovering the alien status of a person. Officers shall neither arrest nor book persons for violation of title 8, section 1325 of the United States Immigration code (Illegal Entry)." Equally to blame and even promote the law are numerous Governors, Mayors and an assortment of Police Chiefs and city managers.

Some of the other main American cities are Chicago; Santa Ana; San Diego; Salt Lake City; Dallas; Houston; Austin; Detroit; Jersey City; Minneapolis; Miami; Portland; Maine; Baltimore; Seattle; Portland; New Haven; and Washington, D.C. These cities have adopted "sanctuary" ordinances banning municipal employees and law enforcement from inquiring people about their immigration status. In the foul shadow of this controversial rule has arisen, the deaths of innocent citizens at the hands of illegal aliens that the Liberal media prefers to keep silent and out of the headlines. In March 2008, Jamiel Shaw Jr, Los Angeles; In July 2008 Anthony Bologna and his two sons in San Francisco;

On July 31, 2008, 14-year-old Ivan Miranda, San Francisco; In October 2008, Phoenix, Arizona, Shane Figueroa; February 3, 2009, Denver, Colorado leaving three people dead and two injured. By no means is this the whole list, but if you dig deep on the internet you will be amazed or more likely furious of the lives taken by illegal aliens; specially drunken drivers. These deaths caused by gang members, drunken drivers and multiple border entry, habitual criminal aliens, never become public knowledge. Only the deaths of illegal aliens seem to get thorough publicity from the far left press over the years.  Another statistic is thousands of incurable business owners who evade the law, knowingly hiring illegal workers and having never joined other felons in prison?  An additional fact that the border fence was never, ever completed and still remains a single length fence, not—TWO--as existed in the original 2006 Secure Border Act.

Even E-Verify, a durable enforcement tool designed in President Bush's administration has been conceded by Nevada's Harry Reid, who tried to thrash it in the Senate chamber. As an outsider I comprehend nothing but different presidencies, either cutting subsidies or just plain lying about immigration enforcement. America! We have a colossal problem that has become a national hemorrhaging of our hospitals, schools and welfare benefits being consumed by illegal recipients. Yet the federal government has failed dismally in its responsibility to defend this country from enemies domestic and foreign. Your vote is important to Washington’s Senate and Congressman, so bombard them that you are adamantly against any type of Amnesty. You want them to secure the border and do it now, because Mexico’s blood bath could easily erupts here. Call the Washington switchboard at 202-224-3121.

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