Congressmen Ron Paul and Barney Frank Call For Cuts in Military Spending

In an announcement on the Huffington Post Congressmen Ron Paul (R-TX) and Barney Frank (D-MA) called on congress to make drastic cuts in Military Spending. The Representatives argue that the $693 billion Pentagon budget is bloated and if cuts are not made the spending will result in "substantial damage to the economy and dramatically reduce our quality of life."


Paul and Frank say they are not talking about cutting funding to troops in the field or cutting funds needed to combat terrorism, rather, they are calling for a systematic approach to reduce long term military spending. In addition, Paul and Frank have called for swift exits from Iraq and Afghanistan.


The Congressmen say they are working to gain support from other members of congress and they have assembled a task force to reduce the largest line item of discretionary spending which currently accounts for 42% of total spending. The pair have plans to reduce Pentagon spending by $1 trillion over a period of 10 years.


With enemies, both within and without, is now the time to signal to the rest of the world that we want to reduce the size of the Pentagon? On the other hand, will a reduction in military spending ease the burden on already over-taxed Americans?


The U.S. has troops deployed in over 170 nations around the world.  Just by reducing these deployments and emphasizing defense of our homeland instead of geopolitical posturing we can begin the process of reigning in spending without harming our missions in Afghanistan and Iraq - the latter of which continues to wind down anyway.
A second cost-cutting measure would be to cut spending on military programs the Pentagon itself does not want but which are being forced upon it for political purposes.
Cuts can be accomplished without weakening our position.

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