Conservative Featured Voice: Lisa Fritsch

Lisa Fritsch is a no-nonsense, common sense columnist and talk radio host based in Austin, Texas. She delivers smart and lively content in print and internet publications as well as on the radio as a guest host. By offering insightful Conservative commentary on today's social and political issues, Fritsch pits pragmatism against nerve. Anything but a one-dimensional “cookie-cutter” Conservative, she is a proud suburban wife, mother, and writer who isn’t afraid to share her strong opinions.

Raised in East Texas, she grew up believing in the value of self-reliance and strong character. At the University of Texas at Austin, she earned her baccalaureate in Japanese language and literature. She has lived in Japan and Northern California, speaks Japanese and Spanish, and attributes her well-rounded, colorful personality to her wealth of social and professional experiences. Guiding principle: to connect with and positively impact the world around her.


Lisa Fritsch has been a freelance writer for over 10 years, covering social and political issues for several newspapers and magazines across the country. Her writings on pop culture, life and politics have appeared in The Austin American-Statesman, The Dallas Morning News, The Weekly Challenger, The Baltimore Times, Today's Black Woman, Austin Monthly, and Urban Spectrum.

Her commentary has been published by American Thinker, a top Internet publication, and she is a regular contributor to America’s Right. Other notable sites where Lisa’s commentary can be found include, and

Lisa has been a member of the National Center for Public Policy Research since 2003. She was recently selected to share her story of positive transformation for "Project T," through Austin’s Milkshake Media. She is a dedicated community activist and former Board member of Austin Republican Women, and has served many nonprofit organizations such as Life Works, Any Baby Can, and St. David's Foundation. Lisa is a recent member of the Central Texas 9.12 project where returning America to its founding values and principles is the goal.

Radio and Television:

In 2004, Lisa Fritsch began KLBJ News Radio in Austin, Texas as a fill-in talk show host on “The Morning Show.” From 2006-2009 Lisa hosted “The Lisa Fritsch Show” which received rave reviews and a dedicated following. She continues to be a regular guest host with the station. She has also been a guest on "The Right Talk" (Internet radio), "The Rhett Palmer Show" (Florida), and "The Mark Reardon Show" (New York City).

In 2009 and 2010, Lisa appeared on "The Glenn Beck Show" (Fox Television) for a special on Black Conservatives in America.


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