Is “Contempt” his middle name?

Barack Hussein Obama has shown great contempt for the clear will of the American people—our values, our livelihoods, our States, and our opinions.

He has ignored the American borders.

He has instructed his minions to work around clear law and longstanding rules of governance.

Obama has ignored our very Constitution, behaving more like King George than an American President, replete with executive orders and unaccountable, unconfirmed (and un-Constitutional) “Czars”.

He has repeatedly ignored Congress itself, most recently when he snubbed a February 1 deadline to submit requested materials to Representative Darrel Issa’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (here).

Now the government is ignoring the U.S. Courts themselves. Months after Federal District Court Judge Martin Feldman in New Orleans struck down the Gulf of Mexico drilling moratorium, the administration has been ruled in formal legal contempt of that ruling.

The case is formally titled Hornbeck Offshore Services LLC v. Salazar, 2:10-cv-01663, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana (New Orleans). In the latest development, one of the plaintiffs who was demonstrably harmed by the moratorium—a thinly disguised shot in the O’admin’s ongoing war on the US industry in general and the domestic oil industry in particular—was ruled by Judge Feldman to:

…have established the government’s civil contempt of its preliminary injunction Order by evidence “so clear, direct and weighty and convincing as to enable the fact finder to come to a clear conviction, without hesitancy, of the truth of the precise facts of the case.”

In the stunning rebuke to the out-of-control executive branch, Judge Feldman also found that the government engaged in,

…dismissive conduct, [when] viewed in tandem with the reimposition of a second blanket and substantively identical moratorium… [after Judge Feldman struck down the first moratorium],

and that those government actions,

… provide this Court with clear and convincing evidence of the government’s contempt of this Court’s preliminary injunction Order.

The administration’s “determined disregard of this Court’s Order of preliminary injunction” is now formal for this case.

It is about time and we heartily applaud Judge Feldman’s courage in doing so.

[The full ruling may be read here.]


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