Convict TX Activist Bishop L J Guillory Lowered Crime in 10 Worst US Cities? Sex Parties & Strippers at his Palace? (video)

A convict, Texas Activist, Bishop L.J. Guillory, tells the Jasper City Council that his work has eliminated, or lowered, the crime rate in the top 10 most dangerous cities in the United States of America.

Bishop L J Guillory is a smooth talker. He can make you believe anything. Heck, he probably believes it himself! He started a "government oversight agency", Ombudsman International Inc, and many people believe that he was impersonating a DOJ official during a
Jasper, TX Election. He calls himself the Ombudsman General. He is a convicted felon. He is no Bishop. He does not even act Christian with all the talk about strippers and the sex parties that go on at his "palace" in California that is not even owned by him (he just wants you to think it is his palace). He even tells the Jasper TX City Council that he put an end to or lowered crime in the top ten worst crime cities in the US!

More Info:

Jasper, TX Officials Say Convict Activist "Bishop Guillory" Posed as a Department of Justice Agent in Election

Of Course, Guillory is going to pull the race card and call me racist for trying to put an end to corruption in East Texas. The fact is that I do not look at color of the bad guy. I go after the bad guys no matter what color their skin is! Like when I went after a white Justice of the Peace in Hardin County: Criminal Complaint Filed Against Lumberton Justice of the Peace Butch Cummings.

Butch Cummings (a Justice of the Peace) even cursed and threatened me with bodily injury if I exposed that he had tried to rig his election by coercing his opponent to drop out of the race.


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