Cornyn Encourages Fire Departments to Apply For DHS Grant Funding For Additional Personnel

I encouraged Texas fire departments today to apply for grant funding available to increase the number of firefighters and support their work. The funding comes through the Department of Homeland Security’s Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant program.

The men and women on the front lines of emergency response need more support than ever as they work to keep our communities safe. I encourage local fire departments in Texas to apply for this important funding, and will assist throughout the application process.”

The SAFER grant program helps fire departments increase the number of frontline firefighters. The purpose of these grants is to assist fire departments with the recruitment and retention of volunteer and professional firefighters who are involved with, or trained in, the operations of firefighting and emergency response. The grants are intended to create a net increase in the number of trained, certified, and competent firefighters capable of safely responding to emergencies likely to occur within the department’s geographic response area. One hundred percent of the salary and benefits for the SAFER-funded firefighters will be fully funded for the two-year period of performance.

A total of approximately $420 million is available for fire departments across the nation.

The application submission deadline is Friday, September 17, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. EDT. The FY 2010 SAFER Guidance and application materials are currently available at To request a letter of support on behalf of an application, please contact Andrew Blaylock, Senator Cornyn’s Grants Coordinator, at 202.224.2581 or


I can only congratulate Sen. Cornyn on his recommendation that Fire Departments apply for grants for more federal funding that does not exists.  While proclaiming a need to shrink federal spending, he drives demand, proving once again that a shrewd politician does not make for a wise statesman.

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