Cornyn Statement on the Defense Authorization Bill

Today, I released the following statement regarding his intention to vote against the motion to proceed to the Defense Authorization Bill:

Though this bill typically enjoys bipartisan support, this year Senate Democrats have attached language to the bill that represents a blatant attempt to score last-minute votes just weeks before an election. The bill includes language that would require military hospitals to provide abortions on demand and includes language to repeal current military policy relating to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Democrats have also said that they intend to offer the DREAM Act as an amendment to the bill.

Clearly, Senate Democrats believe this last-minute scramble will overshadow their failed economic strategy, two years of broken promises on immigration reform, and their reckless management of our nation’s finances. These tactics are an insult to millions of Americans, especially those that respect the sanctity of life, the troops that sacrifice so much to protect our freedom, and those of us committed to addressing our broken immigration system with credible reform.


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