Correction To Houston Chronicle Article on RPT's Fiscal Situation

In a Houston Chronicle article entitled, "State GOP chief tackles party's big debt: New Houston chairman trying to keep the party out of bankruptcy," writer Joe Holley discusses the likelihood of bankruptcy the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) will soon face and the struggle the newly elected Chairman, Steve Munisteri, will endure "just to keep the lights on."

Although the Republican Party of Texas is currently in debt, it's not quite in the state of fiscal turmoil that this article portrays.

According to the article:

The RPT employs nine people at its Austin office across the street from the Capitol, none of them dedicated to fundraising, Munisteri said. None are being paid at the moment, and neither is the new chairman.

However, according to the Spokesperson of the Republican Party of Texas, Bryan Preston, the reporter asked Chairman Steve Munisteri who is in charge of the party's fundraising, and the chairman answered something to the effect of "I am, and I'm not being paid."

"The reporter evidently misinterpreted this exchange as the chairman saying that no one on staff is being paid, and that's incorrect." Preston explained, "Everyone on staff is currently being paid our full salaries, and we're all working hard as a team to retire the debt as quickly as possible. Chairman Munisteri is already doing great work on that front."

While the Republican Party of Texas is working hard to get out of debt, it is still focused on promoting conservative principles and electing and re-electing Republicans across Texas this fall. The RPT is assuredly geared and ready to go for the upcoming November Elections!

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