CPAC 2011 - Gov Haley Barbour Sets Sites on 2012 - Sensible Energy Policy

I heard Gov. Barbour speak at the 2010 RPT Convention.  He learned much from his former boss Ronald Reagan about how to fire up a crowd.  Talk about issues, tell a good story or two, be humerous, but be real. Governor Barbour is real.  He has proven he can cut taxes and reduce spending while balancing a budget.

Here is a recap of his comments at CPAC 2011.

Haley Barbour

Reviewed the achievements of the November election including the largest Republican majority in the House in 60 years.
November 2nd was a stunning rejection of the president's principles.

Democrat led stimulus bills only stimulated government.  Then went on to spend a wasteful year implemented a wasteful healthcare bill
Instead of building jobs they looked to bring about the largest tax increase against small business history.

In the liberal ideology, every dollar earned is a dollar owed to the government.  This administration is hostile to job creation.

Jobs are created by the private sector, not the government.  A bigger government means a smaller economy.

The new Congress is now working on restoring sanity to the budget.

With all the success of November, we still cannot repair the damage that has been done. 

Fred Smith (FedEx Founder) says the Main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.  The "main thing" is that we must elect a Republican President and a Republican Senate.

We are now at a crossroads.  This years defecit will be a record $1.5 trillion. Our grandchildren will have to pay this.

Our problem is not that we tax to little. It is that we spend too much.

As Governor of MS, we got rid of a $720 Billion budget shortfall by growing jobs and the economy.

Mitch Daniels gave Indiana its first balanced budget in eight years. Chris Christi has shown that responsible cuts can be achieved and popular, even in a blue state like NJ.

Mississippi was named the safest place in America of an unborn child while Barbour was governor.

If Governors can cut spending, Congress can too.

One way to cut Medicade is to make certain everyone who is receiving the benefits to prove they are eligible. He cut the rolls by 20%. Reduced the error rate to the lowest in the nation saving $50 million per year.

Obama still pushing for the tax increase.

Obama Energy Policy is a huge job killer.  The policy is driving up the cost of energy. And, not by accident. Then Sen. Obama said under my plan of a Cap and Trade system electricity costs would necessarily skyrocket. His moratorium against gulf drilling is killing jobs. Regulations are stopping production of natural gas. This is all part of Obama's strategy. Trying to achieve through regulation what it cannot through legislation. He wants to increase the cost of energy to make American's use less. It is not an energy policy, it is an environmental policy.

Sec. Chiu wants to raise the price of gasoline to be on par with Europe's $8/gallon. 

What we need is more energy jobs.

If we keep the election about issues, Republicans will win big.

Tea party and Republicans are united by the same principles and ideals. What the left doesn't want to admit is that the American public agrees with Republicans.

We must make 2012 about issues!  Larger economy and less government. More American Energy. Obamacare repealed. We know prosperity results from an economy that creates wealth, not redistributes it.

Our team will be the winning team in 2012.

Praised Lincoln on his birthday anniversary. "America is the last best hope on Earth."



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