CPAC 2011 - Public Attitudes towards Security in America

The point I walked away from this program with is that Security and national safety are major concerns for all Americans. When we, as Republicans allow Democrats to shut this discussion down with charges of racism and bigotry, we lose on the issue of security. In other words, without other discussion the president wins on security. We must talk about these importan issues like terrorism and border security without fear of the namecalling from the left.

Pat Caddell- Democrat Pollster
John McLaughlin - Republican Pollster

Last year, Democrats won on the issue of security. This is a trend that has been moving left since Obama took office. in 2010 55% of people who identified security as number 1 issue voted Democrat.

Pat Caddell:

Speaking on behalf of

The issue of security in America unites all Americans.

John McLaughlin:

Underneath economic concerns, terrorism and security threats are significant.

The Obama Administration receives weak ratings on security and their policies.

Iran as seen as a major threat by Americans.

The economy is clearly the most important concern to America.

Number one threat to America is terrorism.  Polls showed Barack Obama as the number two threat to America.

Most Americans do not believe that Obama's policies will stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Most Americans believe we do have a missle defense system in place. Not true.

Most Americans believe Obama's policies have led to a nuclear arms race in the middle east.


Across the board, there is great anxiety about security issues.  There is not discourse in our public discussion of security.

NYC Mosque. 68% of Americans are against the mosque at ground zero.  More concern from women than men.

Do you think we are safer today than before.  From 2008 to 2010 we fell significantyly less safe.

41% believe America plays a less important role in the world.

We must bring issues of security into the national dialog.

When there is a terror threat, absent other discussion, people tend to rally around the President.  We are losing the issue of security because it has been effectively removed from the public dialog.  We must bring it back to the front.

It is very dangerous in our society to tell people you disagree with that they are racist and bigots.

The divide in this country is really between the political class and the people. It is time to stop serving the politicians and their agenda.  We must start serving the American Agenda.

Napolitano is still pointing at homegrown terrorism as the greatest threat.

What is missing is the unified identity. There is more that unites us than divides.  But we are told that we can't talk about it because it will offend a small minority.


Rep. King challenged Napolitano about "homegrown threat".


We have a vacuum in the discussion of security and this could be a decisive issue in the 2012 election.

Richard Dreyfuss is pushing a civics education program.


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