Criminalizing Worker Misclassification

The construction industry offers an array of situations and conflicts associated with hiring workers and running a business responsibly and lawfully. More states are taking action to get rid of worker misclassification, and Construction Citizen had recently written about the movement across the country to criminalize it. 

According to Construction Citizen: 

Twenty-six states have signed Wage Theft and/or Worker Misclassification bills into law as the focus in a number of legislatures has swung to the issue that is costing workers and taxing agencies billions of dollars in lost revenue.

Construction Citizen values social responsibility and sustainability and leaves an important word of advice:

This is certainly an issue to watch if you are a contractor in the industry who is accustomed to hiring hourly workers on a cash only basis or if you have reclassified your employees as independent contractors to avoid paying overtime, workman’s comp or taxes for those workers.

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