Is the current immigration system obsolete?

Some dear friends, wonderful Conservative Republicans made me recently aware of the situation of two wonderful ladies: Olivera "Oli" Snyder and her sister, Jelena Boldt.

Oli and Jelena were brought from Yugoslavia 25 years ago when they were children. At that time Yugoslavia was a communist country. The girls, grew up as model citizens, one has been married to a U.S. citizen for 14 years and has 3 kids, the other married for a year. They have social security numbers, jobs, degrees, etc. When one applied for a Sunday school job at a church it triggered a SWAT raid on her house and deportation ordered for next week. Their native country (Yugoslavia) doesn't even exist anymore - Uncle Sam is shipping them off to Serbia, which now controls their birth land. You can see the following links pertinent to this situation:

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Many people say that the undocumented need to go home and come back the "right way." However, most of the people who say this are not aware that many cases there are circumstances that most people do not understand. Sometimes immigrants come here legally, do everything the federal government has told them to do and even after long waiting periods, situations like this happen. It is not because they do not want to do it the "right way," but because the Government IS NOT DOING ITS JOB.

Our immigration system is broken and it needs to be fixed. NO ONE is talking about amnesty here. We are talking about fixing the LEGAL immigration system which is an absolute joke. Many of us who have come here to the United States the legal way have to go through so many requirements, many of them certainly are necessary, such as security screenings, but sometimes the system is inefficient. When will the government open their eyes and see that something more effective must to be done? They need to work on these issues.

Yes, borders must be secured ASAP - no question. This is an absolute priority, but can we please realize that the system is not working for many of those who want to do the things properly? The main principle at issue in the immigration challenge is National Sovereignty: Does our nation have the right to define and regulate its own borders and define and regulate who is and who is not a citizen? Yes, of course we do. This pro-sovereignty position is naturally an anti-amnesty position. Amnesty promotes disrespect for the rule of law and simply does not help in promoting sovereignty, national unity and immigrant assimilation.

But we do need a efficient, legal, realistic, sensible immigration system NOW. Families are being affected, good people are being hurt because an obsolete system. I believe the solution is in the hands of our legislators and I urge our conservative legislators to please to look carefully at the existing problems so they can come up with realistic solutions that to fix the current system.

Photo taken of the two ladies Saturday at Town Hall with Congressman Michael Burgess (TX-26). Jelena pictured left, Oli pictured right.

(Photo by Mark Mangrum)


Should  President Obama dare to  go over the heads of Congress in using an executive order. This rumor has grown in to giving the 20 to 30 million illegal aliens a quasi-amnesty, the chances of impeachment are very--REAL. No matter what the open border coalition calls the enacted law--comprehensive immigration reform, or illegal aliens paroled into this nation after breaking our sovereignty laws. It is still recognized by the majority of THE PEOPLE as--AMNESTY. It would cause an upheaval throughout the country as never seen before? It would certainly lead to riots, and the worst political unrest since the since the Viet-Nam war draft.. It would be so demeaning to the American people, that their input means nothing to those they voted into office. That even though they pay the pro-amnesty exorbitant salaries to Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and the long list of others of those celebrating such a potential catastrophe? Anybody that has shown an adverse opinion to enforcing immigration laws, such as prior 

Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt will be red-flagged for dismissal, recall as will judges who determined liberal ideology verdicts from the bench, Governors and mayors any elected official who have signed onto--SANCTUARY CITY--policies. Those who have cemented their poor judgments against the larger margin of "THE PEOPLE" will be united with the unemployment line in November. A reckoning is coming evaluated by--THE TEA PARTY-and a greatly enhanced and growing group of people countrywide who are demanding--NO!--to any trickery with illegal alien--AMNESTY. 

There would be no quarter and would turn into a political funeral cortège’s of the majority party  in November. Being "politically Correct" won't help the Liberal-Bolshevik-extremists any longer, as the mass populace have seen through their agendas. Even the racist labeling is falling on deaf ears for once, such as overwhelmingly in Arizona where the law abiding citizenry and legal residents (that includes Hispanics) who once and for all realize that illegal immigration has become a empowerment of Lib-Dems to build a massive voting block. This is all to do with our failing economy from both parties over the years and now we are carrying a 13 trillion dollar deficit, from cheap labor, free trade and not beholding the text of the Constitution of the dangers of propagating government.

Solis is another pro-amnesty madam who will also be shown the door, along with many other supporters of illegal immigration. However these insipid politicians could revise the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli bill, by adjusting certain laws? Build the--REAL (2)--Fences and complete them, which separate us from the corrupt government of Mexico. Ensure that employers recruit the top notch legal immigrants, with credentials to prove it? High paid engineers, scientist and their ilk, will never end up in the taxpayer’s welfare line. Want cheap, discount labor? Employers should pay for their illegal children's education, hospital and clinic treatment and give that labor a fair wage. Don't stick the American people with the payments incurred? THIS IS CORPORATE WELFARE BY ANY OTHER NAME. Every foreign national who enters America must be documented? But of course such basic honesty by incorrigible employers would never happen?

Those who entered this country illegally must depart and then make an entrance legally. A new points system like Europe must be designated to implement FBI background checks, medical examination and determine a person’s worth to the United States. A moratorium must be imposed every few years to assess assimilation and the consequences of--OVERPOPULATION--as stated by the US Census.  Then U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has recently launched a redesigned web interface for the E-Verify program, which encompasses enhancements to the system's usability, safety, precision, and proficiency.
This computer innovation must be a permanent law to verify every working man and women, long-term or new? These laws revised as amendments to the 1986 law, must be strictly enforced. No back door Washington games that is been going on for years, which includes attorney's collusion with less-reputable employers, who import cheap labor from India, to work in the computer industry.

Every immigrant entering America from now on, must carry a biometric card that identifies their status. Agricultural worker included, who must stay at that work site until their permit expired. Absconding from that employment means instant deportation when caught.  If these conditions are not satisfactory to the special interest organizations then refer it to the American people as a--PUBLIC REFERENDUM. Discover all the answers to expenditures, overpopulation and a wide spectrum of other negative consequences of illegal immigration at NumbersUSA. THEY KNOW FIRST WHAT IS SECRETLY HAPPENING ON IMMIGRATION AT THE CAPITOL AND STATE ASSEMBLY'S?.


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