This curtly describes the big picture in America

If the Supreme Court rules Obamacare constitutional, it will have ruled that all American jurisdictions MUST permit of the destruction of unborn children, that the federal government can dictated the design of WHAT health coverage MAY be offered and you MUST purchase, and the legislature long-ago legalized the monitoring of your commercial activities and earnings and may dictate how much of it you may keep.

Life, liberty and property. Game, set and match. The constitutional republic that America's founders established, will be COMPLETELY over. What do you think Americans? Will you get off your tails and speak and act THEN?


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The argument for repeal of Obamacare should be approached as follows.

Under the Constitution 'A More Perfect Union' is not maintained when the federal government mandates an individual to purchase health insurance while at the same time providing a 'tax' if they do not do so. Individuals, especially the young, will opt out of purchasing health insurance, pay the 'tax' and then purchase insurance when it is needed. Also many employed individuals in the Health Exchanges will also opt out once employers no longer provide this service. 

It is unconstitutional for the federal government to mandate policies to be included in all health insurance plans. It is infringing on States rights. 

If I were a Supreme Court judge, in a nutshell, I would tell them to start over, since this does not provide 'A More Perfect Union'.  

We can now see the overreaching consequences now on religious liberty. A ruling in Jan 2012 by HHS will require health insurers to offer contraception and sterilization services in policies. That means most religious institutions would have to cover services that violates church teaching. Imagine a catholic hospital or university shutting down!


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