Dewhurst at King Street Patriots: Excerpts from a Night of Power

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst was in his element at an event hosted at the King Street Patriots warehouse that featured such notable speakers as Michael Reagan.

David Dewhurst took to the stage to engage attendees and address voters, reviewing his record, and laying out a roadmap for change in Washington, D.C. As Dewhurst informed his conservative audience, “There is only one who has done what needs to be done in Washington. Everyone else has read a book.”

Although Dewhurst's remarks included a number of themes oft repeated by Republican contenders for public office, Dewhurst did provide specific policy proposals targeting spending (especially when answering audience questions), as well as talking at length about how to recapture economic vitality.

Dewhurst outlined his D.C. agenda thusly:

  1. Repeal ObamaCare. Dewhurst revealed that “we can't fund education if it stays,” creating a true sense of urgency, and emphasizing a real choice between essential government services and optional and unaffordable legislation.
  2. Cut spending. To thunderous applause, Dewhurst exclaimed, “We are spending way too much money.” According to Dewhurst, the United States currently has “$82 trillion in unfunded mandates,” or five times world GDP. He asserted that not only are such levels of spending unsustainable, they are suicidal. During questions, when a prospective voter asked if Dewhurst would raise the debt ceiling, and further if he would “raise hell” in reducing federal outlays, Dewhurst gave a guarded answer: “I would not raise the debt ceiling at the present time, no [Emphasis Added]. We can raise hell all day long, but at the end of the day, we have to move the country forward.”
  3. Dramatically lower taxes. “We can't tax our way into prosperity,” Dewhurst remarked. Dewhurst seeks to emulate other western partners by modernizing the US tax code, which would “incentivize prosperity,” Dewhurst explained. Dewhurst, in dealing with CEOs and men of business on a regular basis, relayed to attendees that there is an amount of “$2 trillion in dormant cash” businesses are sitting on due to economic uncertainty. Businesses are afraid. To diffuse the climate of fear, Dewhurst proposes a “light regulatory hand,” and an end to “job-killing regulations.”
  4. Keep America strong. In this segment, Dewhurst touted his veteran status, his service in the CIA, and his knowledge of how to start and grow a new business “from scratch.” In this context, Dewhurst advocated posting 40,000 additional border patrol officers to ensure genuine border security.

Dewhurst railed against the “negative attacks” against him, calling the “charges untrue.” This puzzled some listeners, since those watching the Cruz-Dewhurst election contest will immediately recall a barrage of online, TV, and print ads strongly critical of opponent Ted Cruz. When questioned on his ads, Dewhurst referred to his efforts as “defensive,” calling Cruz out for throwing the first stone. Dewhurst said, “My record is Rick Perry's record, is Dan Patrick's record...I'm the most fiscally conservative Lt. Governor in the history of the state of Texas.” Dewhurst left no room for doubt, exclaiming, “I'm not running negative ads.” Bold words, followed by this statement:

“Mr. Cruz can work for whoever he wants; in this case, he's working for a Chinese company.”

As Dewhurst explained, he didn't “win any popularity contests” by cutting $14 billion out of state spending or implementing voter ID legislation designed to safeguard the integrity of elections in Texas, a fact which will yield ready agreement from onlookers. Dewhurst has indeed been at the front lines in tackling major issues in Texas.

During the Q&A segment of the evening, Dewhurst touched on everything from manufacturing to the Dodd-Frank statute. Dewhurst’s responses to questions included the following statements, here presented by topic:


“Bring jobs back to the USA...We need those tools [presumably tariffs and currency devices]; My opponent doesn't want us to have those tools.”

Dodd-Frank, Investment

“Repeal financial reform; it's hurting the financial sector; replace with well-thought out plan.”

[For readers, Dodd-Frank is the mammoth Obama takeover of the private sector, permitting seizures of healthy businesses outside of normal bankruptcy procedures, as well as creating new regulatory agencies with the power to determine when and where citizens should spend money or utilize credit, even what forms of credit should be permitted.]

International Relations

“Keep pressure on Vietnam, whether it's sanctions or other things we can do. They are a Communist government and they haven't changed one iota.”

[Readers should note these comments were directed to an Asian-American military contingency in attendance and were intended to address the current furor over Chinese claims of sole jurisdiction over the South China Sea as its exclusive “sphere of influence.”]

Solutions to Healthcare

Dewhurst proposed making it possible to “buy insurance across state lines,” but emphasized the necessity of absolutely repealing ObamaCare, specifically the individual mandate.

Federal Reserve, Stability of the US Dollar

In response to questions attempting to elicit a commitment on the part of Dewhurst to both “audit” and “abolish” the Federal Reserve, Dewhurst made a firm pledge to “Audit the Fed,” also adding that its “responsibility to grow the economy” is legally unfounded and inappropriate, proposing a formal review of powers currently exercised by the Fed that should be more properly exercised by other agencies or branches of the US government. “They shouldn't be doing things they shouldn't be doing; we need to stop that.”

The night was in its entirety an instructive enunciation of Dewhurst's plans as well as his understanding of various problems confronting America. To all who attended, it was enlightening, and should serve to further assist voters in identifying their choice for Senator in this contentious election.

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