Decline, is it inevitable?

The Terminator series shows how both Sarah and John Connor attempts to stop Armageddon as Connor sent others to travel back into history to affect the future. The series makes the premise that maybe the future can be changed, but yet in the end, doomsday occurs, and we are never sure if the future can be changed. In Terminator 2, one is given the impression that the future can be changed and disaster averted, but the conclusion of the third Terminator Series dispels that notion as doomsday does happen.

The big question that is being asked, is decline a choice or inevitable? Can we change our destiny or will our fate be just another nation among nations as opposed to being the Nation that the world turns to? Underlying this election is that question, can we stop the path to decline, or is it merely inevitable? There is no doubt that if we continue on the path we are on, decline will happen and quicker than we imagine.

One aspect of an American renaissance could be in the energy field as new technology will allow gas and oil previously unavailable to be extracted. There are experts who are saying that America can be the next Saudi Arabia, along with Canada, and be an energy exporter!

Rice University's Anne Myers Jaffe claimed that the balance of energy world could shift from the Middle East to North America and this could not only forestall decline but put America back into the driving seat of the world economy. The key determining factor on whether we develop our energy or not is dependent on whether environmentalist extremists are not successful in stopping our energy development. This possibility is being showed as many environmentalists are protesting against the importation of Canadian gas, and as one pundit asked, how can you oppose the importation of oil and natural gas from our neighbor? The environmental movement has shown that it is willing to stop the development of resources from a trustworthy and democratic nation; which only strengthens the tyrants of the Middle East.

The development of our natural resources is a matter of will, and do we have the will to develop our resources or will we simply allow those resources to sit in the ground? Developing our energy sources is but one part of the puzzle to reverse the decline, but this administration has shown more wiliness to waste precious resources on “green” technology while ignoring the carbon resources under our ground that still run our engine of growth.

When nations allow bureaucrats to run the country, decline follows. Bureaucrats have kept our resources under wrap, but now is the time to unleash our entrepreneurs in the energy field. Maybe we can avoid our own decline.


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