Democrat Pete Stark Mocks Border Patrol Volunteer Group Minutemen

The volunteer neighborhood watch group Minuteman Civil Defense Corps mission statement is as follows:

To see the borders and coastal boundaries of the United States secured against the unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband, and foreign military.

Isnt this a job the federal government should be doing? When Representative Pete Stark (D-CA) was asked why the federal government is not doing its part to help secure the border and keep U.S. citizens safe by a member of the minutemen, this is what happened:

Congressman Stark, Glenn Beck has a message for you:


Perhaps he simply had a bad day, but this video shows the following to me about Pete Stark:

1.  How effectively shielded and far-removed he is from relating to his constituency (or perhaps anybody, for that matter), especially on a personal, human-to-human basis.  Glenn Beck likened Stark's behavior to that of King George's.  Indeed.  Within the sociological framework of a crowd, it's so easy for a politician or activist (or any individual involved in a broadly encompassing debate) to express extreme negativity toward fellow human beings, collectively--whether disdain, criticism, denigration or outright hate.  But what is so shocking is that Stark exhibited this toward an individual--totally putting aside any semblance of gentlemanly behaviour, or even a show of  public courtesy or respect.  This shows his 'shielding' and total disconnect.

2.  How insecure and drained he is.  Stark is employing a classic tactic to hide his insecurity--using humor, or attempting to use humor.  And, quite often in this type of situation, humor is used to denigrate another.  It's clear that Stark not only does NOT know how to answer the question, but he is annoyed (impatient) by it.  To me, his attempt to 'make up a story' and try to make it funny shows that he does not know how to answer the question.  His denigration shows how impatient he is by it; impatience manifested by disrespect.  How angry must this man be, deep inside?  All of this shows how drained and empty his soul is--he has no emotional and mental energy, and I believe this drain leads to insecurity--especially when one has to 'perform' and there is no energy for it!  Emotional energy especially is what helps us to be productive social beings, it gives us the patience to simply deal with each other.  It's clear that Stark has none...and is done; done with this job, done with this mission.  He no longer has the energy for it, the humane energy required to simply be good at a job with such high social demands.

Being a leader is hard, energetically--people are always clawing at a leader for their energy, which is intensely draining over time.  I believe it takes an individual with particular gifts, talents and abilities to be able to process that and maintain not only good energy, but a good energy flow, over long periods of time.  In the short run, perhaps certain individuals can handle this drain, or energy transfer, and be quite effective.  But for longer periods, for those who don't have the gift for the long haul, they will, over time, erect a shield to protect them from everybody always 'wanting a piece of them'.  Either they'll erect a shield or their battery will run out, or both, manifesting as impatience, anger, lack of focus, chronic exhaustion or all of the above.

It's so easy to let the primitive part of us take over and to simply be mean. It takes a lot of energy, however, to be nice.

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