Democrat Solomon Ortiz Concedes TX-27 Race to Republican Blake Farenthold

It took him 3 weeks and a $23,500 recount, but Democrat Solomon Ortiz (TX-27) has finally conceded the race to Republican Blake Farenthold! This was a huge upset for the Democrats. Ortiz has been the Congressman for the 27th Congressional District since 1983, but Farenthold was able to kick him out by a margin of 650 votes!

Last week, TexasGOPVote caught up with Farenthold in DC, where he discussed what it was like being in a position in which the outcome was yet to be decided. Fortunately, the outcome is now official!

In a statement, Farenthold said:

"We had a nice conversation and he wished me the best. Mr. Ortiz said he would assist me in my transition so we can make sure that South Texans continue to get the service they need and deserve. I am excited that this cloud of uncertainty has finally blown over now I can ‘officially' get to work for the people of the 27th District. The voters - from the Rio Grande Valley to the Coastal Bend - sent a message that they are tired of business as usual in Washington. It is time for new blood in Congress and I plan to go to the Nation's Capitol and fulfill my campaign promises - to end out of control spending and fix the economy so we can create jobs and put people in our area back to work"

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