Democratic Defections: Jack McDonald

Obama brought his Chicago-style politics to D.C. and it looks like the trend is to run with it or run away from it. Some Democrats do not like what is becoming of their party and are beginning to pull out.

House Dems lost a top recruit in Texas last week. Democrat Jack McDonald announced that he is dropping out of the race against Republican Representative Mike McCaul. Winning only 54% of the vote in the last election, McCaul is seen as a vulnerable candidate. McDonald was one of the best-funded Democratic recruits and may have had a viable chance in the election. However, with the "political environment looking rough for Democrats, particularly in the South," it's possible that either McDonald wimped out or no longer wanted to be associated with the party.

TexasGOPVote will continue to find and blog about additional Democratic defections. With the current state of the government, there will no doubt be many more to write about!


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