Democrats are so desperate that they use tricks to try to get the Latino vote

One of the most well-known Hispanic Republican faces is Adryana Boyne. She recently debated Democrat Diana Flores on the Spanish television program, "Contacto Immigrante." The Democrat blamed the failure of the Dream Act on the Republicans for keeping the bill from coming to the Senate floor. Not one Republican voted in support of the bill.

Adryana clarified that the bill was not a stand-alone bill on the Dream Act, but rather it was a Democratic "political trick" to pass items on their liberal agenda. The bill included support for abortion on demand at military hospitals and repeal of the current "Dont ask, dont tell" military policy on homosexuals. Adryana pointed out that the majority of Latinos are not in agreement with these liberal policies and the insertion of the Dream Act was just a political ploy by Democrats in an effort to get the Hispanic vote for the upcoming elections.

Adryana also informed viewers that Senator Cornyn wrote a letter expressing his sympathy and concern for those affected by the Dream Act. However, he opposed the bill because of its liberal policies. The liberal agenda of the Democrat Party does not correspond with the values and principles of Latinos. As one caller expressed, it is the Republican Party that supports the conservative values of Latinos.

Adryana ended by saying the importance to vote for Candidates who have conservative values: Those who need to be reelected like Governor Rick Perry, Attorney General Gregg Abbot, Congressmen Michael Burgess and Jeb Hensarling, etc. and those candidates who need to be elected this election like Stephen Broden for District 30 and Francisco Quico Canseco for District 23.


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