Democrats Betray Minorities - Once Again - How long will minorities tolerate being abused by Democrats?

Once again, Democrats have failed the minorities in this nations. Politico reports that former President Bill Clinton (once lovingly called our first "black president") has asked a black Democrat, Kendrick Meek, to withdraw from his Senate race to help defeat a Hispanic Conservative, Marco Rubio and take rejected big government Governor Charlie Crist to victory.

What Bill Clinton Meant to Say

WHAT!?  Let me see if I have this straight.  A former Democrat President of the United States (White Guy) asks the Democrat nominee for the Florida Senate seat (a Black Guy) to go to the back of the bus so that a former Republican, already rejected by the voters (White Guy) can defeat a Conservative Republican candidate (Hispanic Guy).  Is that what I am hearing?

Good for you! But, maybe you should become a Republican where you will be supported not betrayed!

It seems to be a story that has repeated itself over the past year and a half of the Obama Administration.  Promises have been made to minorities, and yet, when it comes down to it - those promises are ignored.  Promises like Obama and Reid promising to get the dream act passed.  Did it happen?  No.  It could have, but the Democrats didn't pass it when they didn't need Republican help.  And then, when they did, they tied it to so much stuff the Republican were against like abortion on demand at military bases and "Don't ask, Don't Tell", Republican had to vote against it and Reid not only knew it - HE DID IT ON PURPOSE!

Where is the immigration reform long promised by this president and by Senator Reid?  Where is the push to stop the genocide of black Americans caused by the Democrat backed abortion industry?  Where is real economic opportunity for minorities?  And where is the support for minority candidates?

Senator Reid recently said he didn't know how any Hispanic could be a Republican! Senator, how could they not with your train of broken promises!  Pastor John Lawson in Dallas, Texas, explained the "Civil Rights Machine" and talked about how blacks should abandon the Democrat Party.   I agree completely because they abandoned you long ago. 

In Texas' 30th Congressional District, voters have an opportunity to send a message to Democrats.  Stephen Broden is a strong Conservative who believes in the values of his constituents.  Yet, liberals in the Democrat Controlled Media continue to attempt to distort his words and values to continue to hold CD 30 down economically and spiritually on the Democrat Plantation.

How long will minorities who have true conservative values, continue to chase the pipe dream offered by Democrats that is, in reality, nothing more than continued shackles of bondage?  Break free and find a Conservative candidate who aligns with your values, not a political party.

Marco Rubio continues to run a strong campaign headed towards victory next Tuesday in Florida.  Pastor Stephen Broden in Dallas, Bill Flores in Waco and Quico Canseco in San Antonio and Fernando Herrera in Houston are positioned for victory.  Strong minority candidates with strong Conservative values.  Let's see what happens!



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