Democrats Only Three Seats Away From Majority In Texas House of Representatives

The statement below regarding the Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee was sent to me from Fernando Herrera. Fernando is our Republican candidate to unseat the liberal Democrat incumbent Jessica Farrar in State House District 148:

Fernando Herrera writes:

I discovered something very interesting at "The Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee". The excerpt below is a good example why someone who lives in a District where their Representative is running unopposed, or will likely win, should enthusiastically support our campaign.

Excerpt taken from the Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee:

Three Seats To A Majority
The Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee is the central vehicle working to elect and re-elect strong Democrats to the Texas House. While there are dozens of Democratic groups and political action committees around the state, the HDCC is the only organization dedicated solely to building and maintaining a Democratic majority in the State House.
Democrats now hold 73 seats in the Texas House, only three seats away from a Democratic Majority. After the 2002 elections, Democrats held 62 seats. In 2004, Democrats held 63 seats. By the end of the 2006 elections, that number had mushroomed to 69, with the HDCC re-electing 13 Democrats in Republican-leaning and toss-up districts and defeating 6 House Republicans. By November 2008, Democrats had seen a net gain of 5 more seats in the House. Over the last two cycles, the HDCC has been the most successful Democratic political organization in Texas. Now, only three seats keep Democrats from a majority in the House.

Please forward this on to others dedicated to promoting and preserving Conservatism in the great State of Texas.


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Conservative Latino Talk Radio, America's only conservative talk radio from the Latino perspective hosts Fernando Herrera, Republican candidate for Texas Legislature in District 148 located in Houston.  Mr. Herrera, who can be found at, is a career firefighter and life long resident of district 148 who seeks to unseat a long term liberal Democrat.  Mr. Herrera discusses his campaign and his conservative views on property taxes, public services, the public education monopoly, and the protection of children and families.  Mr. Herrera exposes the radical liberalism of his opponent and offers real, private sector solutions, cost effective government operations and promotion of conservative values. 


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