Democrats Plant Racist Stooge at Rand Paul Event

The Democrats must have run out of enough "proof" to accuse Republicans of being racist as they are now resorting to creating their own proof. Tyler, who works for Rand Paul's Democratic opponent Jack Conway, uses a fake accent and negative racial connotations to discredit the Rand Paul supporters.

An eye witness reports:

Tyler had tied a Dora the Explorer doll down on his sign as an enticement to race-bait. I asked what his sign meant, and he responded only with more incoherent songs and murmurings about his local lodge. I told him he worked for the Democrats and he paused a bit, and rambled on about something or other.

Further investigation resulted in findings that showed Tyler to be facebook friends with Jack Conway and a facebook fan of MSU Dems. Note: Tyler deleted the incriminating evidence; however RedStateElectric was able to get screenshots before the evidence was deleted.


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