Demystifying Global Warming and "Climate Change"

Global Warming has erupted into a huge controversy spanning over an entire generation. People have been quick to choose sides and argue with an array of facts, even including the facts that are complete hogwash. As the voice of the youth, we want to make our own opinions based on the facts and not the politics.

The way to get the politics out of this controversy and bring in the facts is to debunk some common global warming myths. After viewing the facts, has the opinion over global warming changed? Maybe that is why scientists coined the term “climate change” and not global warming, because in fact it is climate change; the earth is getting cooler. But the big fact from the ten global warming myths debunked is that mankind is not in control of the Earth’s environment. Even after releasing all of the “harmful” carbon dioxide emissions that are supposed to heat the Earth and kill us all, it only accounts to 3.5% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the air. Maybe it is hard for people to accept that mankind for once cannot control the Earth and refuse the idea that nature and the climate are more powerful than human influence.

In only about five minutes of reading, a humongous political controversy was debunked and the facts showed that the Earth naturally changes temperature. It is understandable for people to want to conserve the environment because Mother Nature has many beauties and wonders, but for the present “climate change” will not be a concern of environmental damages. There is nothing people can do to stop the natural climate change. That is why as a species, mankind will evolve to the ever-changing environment of the Earth. There is definitely no reason why politics must be involved - all that will do is create more government regulation and government spending that is not needed to stop “Global Warming”.


Written by John Bender from I Don't Care About Politics.


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You are providing more proof that republicans are in fact idiots....

No, it hasn't been cooling. Even if we ignore long term trends and just look at the record-breakers, that wasn't the hottest year ever. Different reports show that, overall, 2005 was hotter than 1998. What's more, globally, the hottest 12-month period ever recorded was from June 2009 to May 2010.

Though humans love record-breakers, they don't, on their own, tell us a much about trends -- and it's trends that matter when monitoring Climate Change. Trends only appear by looking at all the data, globally, and taking into account other variables -- like the effects of the El Nino ocean current or sunspot activity -- not by cherry-picking single points.

There's also a tendency for some people just to concentrate on air temperatures when there are other, more useful, indicators that can perhaps give us a better idea how rapidly the world is warming. Oceans for instance -- because of their heat-storage abilities, or 'thermal mass -- tend to give a much more 'steady' indication of the warming that is happening. Here records show that the Earth has been warming at a steady rate, and there's no signs of it slowing any time soon.

(anomalies in degrees Celsius)

1970 – 1979 = -0.0772
1980 – 1989 = 0.0843
1990 – 1999 = 0.2307
2000 – 2009 = 0.4041

For 5-year averages:

1980 - 1984 = 0.0596
1985 - 1989 = 0.0856
1990 - 1994 = 0.1544
1995 - 1999 = 0.3070
2000 - 2004 = 0.3968
2005 - 2009 = 0.4114

You cannot change the reality of global warming.

You can affect policy concerning global warming, but only if you remain credible and relevant. Denial of the obvious scientific facts of CO2 driven warming ruins your credibility and make you irrelevant.

If you sincerely want to do this, if (as you say on your profile page) you want to have “open and honest discussons” (sic) and prove that you are not “lazy”, if you want to be “the voice of the youth" (sic), you need to do four things:


1) find a non-partisan website to post on;

2) fully research both sides of an issue;

3) think deeply;

4) write clearly, simply, and correctly — avoid big, impressive-sounding phrases, especially if they are beyond your control. 


Good luck.


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