Dick Trabulsi: The Texas Tribune Interview

I have been an insurance broker for the past 46 years. I am blessed with loyal clients that I would never take for granted! On many occasions, I have traveled to Austin to testify on behalf of TLR (Texans for Lawsuit Reform). TLR has done what no other political pact has done. They made major strides in leveling the playing field in Tort Liability claims. The result is that every business I represent has seen its Liability insurance rates reduced for the past eight years or more.

Their efforts in the Medical Malpractice arena have resulted in our ability to recruit physicians to areas where none previously existed! I cannot say enough good things about Weekley, Trabulsi, and Linbeck. They are truly Texas heroes!

May the Good Lord keep them healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

Please check out this interview of TLR President Dick Trabulsi!


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