Divert Global Warming Funds to Global Cooling Funds?

After cold, wintery conditions greeted world leaders at the Copenhagen "global warming" summit last week, TexasGOPVote reported that Eurostar's "green" train was canceled indefinitely and apparently did not anticipate that such cold weather might ever occur again. However, it did, and the reality of facing weather conditions last seen 15 years ago was that Eurostar's operations were frozen on Sunday. Now Sarkozy is demanding Eurostar restart on Tuesday, and Eurostar is doing what it can and that "such changes might come in the nick of time, with more snow forecast Monday night and Tuesday, ...".

Apparently the issue is that "very dry snow got past the train's snow-screens" and that "it's the first time we have seen these snow conditions in 15 years."

It's a good thing the global warming climate meddlers, including Sarkozy, didn't get their way in Copenhagen because further cooling an already cold climate could get quite costly!

When Eurostar head of operations Nicolas Petrovic was "asked how much Friday's breakdowns and the ensuing suspension could cost the company, he said, 'I wouldn't be surprised if it were very high.' "

Here's an idea that might just work for socialist liberals in Europe: how about diverting some of the international funds to help developing countries adapt to global warming and using them instead to help Eurostar better "adapt" to cold climate conditions? Even Sarkozy might see the logic in that!


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