DOJ's Suit Against Arizona's SB1070: Discrimination Against Red States?

Why is Arizona being singled out for enforcing federal immigration law? Is the DOJ suing Arizona because it is a Red state? Are similar discriminatory attacks being leveled against Texas causing the loss of high paying NASA and oil related jobs because Texas is a Red State? One would certainly hope not, but the evidence may point to the contrary.’s Ed Morrissey is talking about how one of the Bluest states in the nation has been aggressively enforcing immigration law for over two years! Why has DOJ not filed suit or even made notice of Rhode Islands actions? Why are Arizona, Texas and other Red States being politically attacked by the Obama Administration? What do you say?


i have to admit i don't post on here much anymore, but your article and the hot air piece is really really interesting.  i also note, that either today or yesterday, billy boy white is lying ( again ), by saying
that " the arizona law won't make texas safer blah, blah, anti-enforcement first talking points, more talking points, blah, blah " - and challenging perry to make the same declaration ( since billy boy was speaking to the la raza types, he was clearly pandering to get some hispanic votes), but i wonder, in light of your article, if billy boy becomes governor ( not gonna happen ), but if billy boy did become governor, would obammy and the feds stop the war against red-state texas?  and, would billy boy, as governor, stand up to the us chamber of commerce idiots, and start prosecuting business owners who exploit illegal workers?

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