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Sponsor TexasGOPVote event coverage of the Iowa Presidential Debates including interviews, blog and news coverage in Iowa and Texas and add your candidate's message, viewpoint or reactions in special feature section on TexasGOPVote.com


Silver Sponsor: $500

Silver Sponsors benefit from the promotion of their message, candidate, campaign:

  • persistent advertisement on the featured event page
  • persistent advertisement on individual blog post pages for the featured event coverage
  • “sponsored by” mentions on front page promotions (rotation), blog posts and facebook messages


Gold Sponsor: $1250

Gold Sponsors are also invited to make suggestions and requests in connection with the featured event blog posts and special section content on TexasGOPVote. Examples of these include:

  • blogger interview of candidate or sponsor representative for message, commentary or reactions
  • use/inclusion of specific source references, links or terms related to a particular issue or campaign
  • specific questions for targeted interviewees in Iowa or specific themes to cover


Individual Donation

DonateIf you are not ready for a sponsorship, you can still help with your donation toward this event!



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