Donate to Scott Brown

It is long past "pull out all stops" time in the health care debate. There is one silver bullet still out there. Scott Brown's bid to win the special election for Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat.

Scott is a Republican and he is within 9 points of his Democratic opponent. The election is January 19th.

If Scott wins, he has promised to be a 41st vote in the Senate against the Health Care reform bill.

I just donated $100 bucks to his campaign. You can do that here.

There is also a cool feature where you can make calls for his campaign from your own home.

Is this a long shot? Yes. This is politics! Anything can happen. Go help out a good guy, even though he is a Red Sox fan!


Hello Texas and thank you for supporting Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts. A new poll just out has Scott Brown ahead by 1 point. Help us take back America and the American dream by supporting Scott Brown for US Senate.

This office supports Scott Brown in his run for the United States Senate. Refreshingly, Senator Brown articulates his positions on even the most controversial issues openly and with no double speak. We welcome your comments and votes:

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