Don't Mess With Texas... or Governor Perry's Puppy!

Dont mess with Governor Perrys new puppy! Governor Rick Perry was jogging when a coyote threatened his dog:

Perry says he needed just one shot from his laser-sighted pistol to take down a coyote that was menacing his dog during an early morning jog in an undeveloped area near Austin.

Perry told The Associated Press he sometimes carries his pistol, loaded with hollow-pointed bullets, when he jogs on trails because hes scared of snakes -- and that hed seen coyotes in that area.
When the coyote came out of the brush toward his daughters labrador retriever puppy on a February jog, he charged it and shot it with his .380 Ruger pistol.

Some leftist groups are up in arms, claiming that Perry had no right to kill an innocent "song dog," however Texas law allows citizens to shoot coyotes if they are posing a threat to livestock or domestic animals.


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