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This week's exercise:

Email your state representative and state senator today!

Find your legislators here.

Email addresses are in this format:

As work in the interim session continues, one thing continues to shine through: Not much has changed in Austin. While elected officials take every opportunity to use the public microphone and media to articulate the ideas TEA party and other new political activists want to hear, work to grow government (and jump through Washington D.C.'s hoops) continues at a brisk pace inside the Texas capitol. Want proof? Just look to the recent Senate Health & Human Services and State Affairs committee testimony exploring how to create the health insurance exchange required under the new federal healthcare legislation - yes, the legislation that Texas is supposedly rejecting. You can view the testimony here.

Send this or a similar message to your state representative and state senator today - email address format as listed above.

"By now most recognize that the 2011 Texas Legislature will be forced to grapple with an anticipated $20+ billion budget shortfall. What we may not realize is that the day of reckoning has arrived and Texans are paying the price for years of big government policies right here in our home state.

The U.S. Economic Freedom Index documents that Texas has fallen from being the 8th most economically free state in the United States to being #31 on the list.

In fact, we're at 49 when it comes to regulations and government size.

Every measure of economic freedom recognizes that private property ownership is key to prosperity. If Texas is to protect freedom and insure prosperity for all Texans, we must eliminate property taxes."

Operation Secure the Blessing is uniting the voices of grassroots activists from all across this great state with weekly action items. We must ensure that the message is heard loud and clear from the Texas Panhandle to the Rio Grande Valley and from El Paso to Beaumont and all points in between, “If I paid for it, it’s mine – Eliminate Property Tax in Texas!”

Specific action items each week ensures maximum impact with our legislature. Together we will make a difference but we need everyone doing their part. Make sure to set aside 15 minutes each week to contact your legislators and tell them private property ownership is essential to prosperity and freedom. We must repeal property taxes in Texas.



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