Dream Act Action Needed!

There has been a lot of misleading information in opposition to this legislation. But the truth is, it’s the right thing to do for our country, for our economy and for young people who were brought here through no fault of their own! These young folks are American in all aspects other than their immigration status.

The shouting minority (enforcement only crowd) are calling the Dream Act “amnesty for criminals,” which is a gross distortion of the truth! Common sense and moral values will lead reasonable people to support the Dream Act. Giving these educated young folks a pathway to legalization is not only good for our economy and military recruiting, it will also be an expression of America’s basic decency and compassion.

We are talking about human beings that were brought here as children and educated in our public schools. In many cases they have no knowledge of their home country and speak English only. These young folks have no legal options or hope under existing immigration laws of ever legalizing their status.

The Dream Act provides for a 10 year temporary status for those individuals who have graduated from high school and have no violent criminal record! They can only achieve Permanent Resident status after 10 years provided they graduate from at least a junior college or serve in our military for 2 years. It incentivizes these individuals to get more education and to serve in our military. What’s wrong with that? It makes them productive tax payers in our country. What’s wrong with that?

What is the alternative? The alternative is that these individuals, many of them university graduates with advanced degrees, will stay in the underground economy. Our opponents never answer the question as to what they would advocate; only “close the borders first.” Opposition to the Dream Act leaves the status quo of providing zero legal options for these individuals other than voluntarily departing the only home they know.

Opponents say that this will create automatic citizenship. False. The truth is, ten years temporary status and then five years permanent status after which they can apply for citizenship! Military service is the only shortcut!

Opponents say that it will allow those who qualify for the Dream Act to bring millions of relatives. False. At a very minimum it would take 15 years before the first individual who qualified under the Dream Act could petition for a parent, spouse, brother or sister.

Sensible immigration reform is supported by the faith community, it is supported by the business community, and it is supported by the U. S. military. Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy is asking you to fax and email both Senators Cornyn and Hutchison. Please also fax and email every member of Congress to whom you have ever contributed. The message is simple, “Please support the Dream Act!”

God bless you for reading this email. May God move our elected officials to do the right thing!


I hope you didn't bruise your fists punching that straw man. "Enforcement only crowd?" How about enforcement at all? As Mickey Kaus (the moderate Democrat) has pointed out, Reagan pushed through an amnesty along with a promise to enforce. The amnesty worked great; the enforcement part, not so much. The DREAM act incentivizes the usual crowd to sneak across the border with their broods. Yeah, this will do wonders for border security.

As for this amnesty being "supported by the faith community, it is supported by the business community, and it is supported by the U.S. military", I would challenge you to take a poll of the average congregation or military unit to see just how enthusiastic such folk are about ceding our sovereignty and national security to a nation currently paralyzed by drug dealers and their teenage assassins. As for the business community, what's for them not to like? Immigration gets them near-slaves to pay starvation wages to.

Enforcement first - amnesty later.... much, MUCH later.

How did this tripe show up on an ostensibly GOP website?

ps I am the son of an immigrant, and if my father had his druthers he'd string barbed wire and landmines across the border, so I'm moderate compared to him. So save the usual accusations.

Let's have some Nightmare Act Facts: 1) FACT: Any Mexican 18-35 qualifies for this amnesty, which means they could be up to 41 by the time they graduate, 2) FACT: There is no requirement they receive a degree, 3) FACT: These people are not reviewed to see who "has been here for decades through no fault of their own" and those who swam the river last week, 4) FACT: As many as 2,000,000 American citizens will not be able to attend college because recently amnestied Mexicans have taken their spots, 5) FACT: Over their lifetime Mexicans, whether illegal or recently amnestied, serve a net loss of $2,000,000 per person. Yes, they do pay sales tax and gasolene tax, but this pittance comes nowhere near the dollars they take out in social services costs such as welfare, infrastructure, health care, and education (it costs $200,000 alone to educate each Mexican through K-12 grades), 6) FACT: That Mexican Third World culture is incompatible with American First World culture, especially in such matters as the acceptance of alcoholism, spousal abuse, and age of sexual consent (which is age 12 in Mexico! Seriously!), 7) FACT: There is absolutely no provision in the Dream Act to prevent criminals, even those with convictions for violent crimes, from availing themselves under this amnesty, 8) FACT: Of the 1.5 million American jobs created last year, 1 million of them were taken by illegals who work for less because they don't have to pay many of the taxes American citizens must pay, such as income tax, 9) FACT: The Dream Act is not being reported on the major news nor cable news channels because the overwhelming majority of American citizens feel that American tax dollars and American college spots should go to the benefit of American citizens, because we paid for those privileges, 10) FACT: Mexico has not had a famine since 1915, and no one is "starving" or needs to "feed their families" by coming to America. These people are Economic Refugees who only infiltrate America to make money to largely purchase consumer goods and non-necessities such as designer clothes, etc., 11) FACT: The Dream Act could pass if YOU don't call your Senator tonight AND tomorrow morning. Be respectful, but be FIRM. American resources should educate, enhance, and benefit the lives of AMERICANS. This country and its resources ARE YOURS. Don't give them up without a fight...or without the FACTS!

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